Catwa Jessica Mesh Head Review


Hi all, when I saw Catwa was releasing a mesh head, I was very excited, I thought it was cute but didn’t like the lips (T loves them). So release date I ran to Catwa to get a demo.

Catwa Jessica Mesh Head Review  I open the folder and look for a note with instructions, there are none. There is 2 note’s, 1 is Skins/Makeup Appliers and the other is Catwa Mesh Head Gestures Trigger’s.     I opened the skin/makeup appliers, it only has Catwa website url so I go to it. There are absolutely no instructions anywhere. There is a shape in the folder that says MUST WEAR. Well, if you know me I think “if I have to change my shape its out” for the simple fact I had to change nothing about my shape at all for either Maitreya Lara or LeLutka mesh head. As you can see, even wearing the MUST WEAR shape, the eyes are still off and no, I didn’t play around with them for the simple fact “I didn’t have to change anything for Maitreya or LeLutka”.   Catwa Jessica Mesh Head Review
Catwa Jessica Mesh Head Review
Catwa Jessica Mesh Head Review

Catwa Jessica Mesh Head Review/

The HUD is nicely laid out. I just didn’t get the deal with only brow color changing when on skin tab, then you go to the eyebrows tag and can apply your own texture. I would have, and did, think the sample colors were skin tones on the skin tab in the HUD. There is 3 blush colors and 8 lip colors in it with plenty of space to save more of your fav colors. the Eyes.Brows tab is exactly what it says, for eyebrow colors and makeup colors.

Catwa Jessica Mesh Head Review

And now we are at the part of the HUD everyone is raving about, the gestures. They are nice, you can have the lips move when you are typing or turn it off. You can turn the gestures on and off (I had to end up turning them off because I kept doing that creepy smile every few seconds and didn’t know how to stop it). You also have control over how wide your eyes are open, from the bright-eyed look to the sultry half-closed eye. You can also control your lips from a normal relaxed mouth to a toothy smile.

I won’t be buying this mesh head because I refuse to change anything about my shape. It is pricier ($3599L) than LeLutka’s $2500L also. But, I do encourage everyone to demo it. I don’t smooth my opinion over like some, I give you the pro’s and con’s. There are great things with this head, but with no instructions and having to wear a special shape ( I know it’s only the head part that needs to change) the cons outweigh the pros for me.


Catwa ~ Jessica Mesh Head

IKON ~ Hope Eyes ~ Evening

Mina Hair ~ Myrtle ~ Essentials

5 thoughts on “Catwa Jessica Mesh Head Review

  1. The lelutka heads are awful i think so thanks for this review i went with this head. The problem with lelutka is they all look like some backwoods weird hillbilly face. I’m sorry heh but it just does. Also a bit of reese witherspoon dna in there too. With the catwa head i noticed the shape isn’t important, you can edit your head depth and width like the lelutka ones that’s all the shape affects.

    1. I have quit wearing any mesh head for the simple fact all of them look the same. If and when Logo Sadie is updated I think I will go with it for a while.

  2. A lot of the Mesh heads look the same and I don’t know if it is because the limits of SL or not. I take a quick look at the finalists contestants for SL Miss World each year & they usually look a lot alike: small long eyes, tiny noses, overplucked eyebrows and thick botoxed lips–kind of an exaggerated perfection. Also a mesh head and body can really slow movement down in a sim if practically everyone has a mesh head and body, or get you kicked out of a busy event if avatar “weight” limits are set for the standard SL av. My first mesh head(has the standard SL body) was Nea but she “weighs” a lot as her expressions change automatically and pretty smoothly. A wonder compared to about all the other mesh heads out there right now. The head is perfect if you want a teen-age look. I have a couple of Lelutka heads, and Annie, Jessica, Candy, and Alice. Some of the face appliers are really improving, but are not cheap. I’m going to do even more head demos and appliers before buying any more.

    1. Thank you for the comment, did you also read my newer review? As for weight, I don’t know how my avie turns out, but I did get into skin fair with no problems about scripts (I use FS’s viewer AO).

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