Wayward Halloween Gacha Event


If you came here to see what is offered at The Wayward Event, you will be disappointed. I didn’t throw the first L at a machine. We blogger’s are so intent on being the first to blog something, we miss the surrounding’s, we miss a lot of pretty cool stuff. This post is about that, what you will miss because you want to be the first to blog something. So, with that said, I will let T expound on the surrounding’s. 🙂 (You wont be able to get in till after 8am SLT Oct 16)Wayward Halloween Gacha Event It’s October and as with any occasion in Second Life, themed events come thick and they come fast. Ladies and gentleman – The Wayward Halloween Gacha Event!   So let’s get the vital information out the way first, cause it’s the most important part. The Wayward Halloween Event is a Gacha event that runs from October 16th at 8AM SLT to the 31st . This is a wonderful event for many reasons, your usual shopping fix is apparent – Gachas galore, you’re even treated (not tricked, see what we did there?) to free gifts right after landing, very nice gifts too! Wayward Halloween Gacha Event

However, you’ll have to forgive us here at the Sweet Second Life for what we’re about to do. All too often at events the items available, sometimes and usually, rightly – overshadow the design, the set that encases these great items. Not today and not with Wayward’s Halloween Event. This is an event in the truest sense of the word, it’s a show, it has purpose, wonderful theatrical purpose.

Wayward Halloween Gacha Event

We’ve added way more pictures of this event than we normally would but I’m sure we can be forgiven for our love of the design and the attention Wayward has given this event. Not just the props used and their well-positioned places relative to each other, that keeps people on the right path but doesn’t discourage exploration and explore this event to the fullest degree you should. Here’s the thing, you land and if you’re lucky enough to not be set to low graphics, you’ll instantly be excited by the ambiance and sense of foreboding you come to expect with Halloween,that the region windlight presses upon you. A dusky grey mist that’s thick enough to make travelling into the far reaches of this event a little troubling and full of dread.

Wayward Halloween Gacha Event

Windlight and props are all well and good you may say, but what makes a horror movie or any movie for that matter, great?
The score, the soundtrack that instils a certain feeling within the viewer without us even realizing it was even played usually – not an issue with Wayward, after landing, taking in the windlight and the nearby props and set pieces; both Ali and I commented on the music being streamed – this score is perfect, the whole hour and a half we spent exploring was perfectly accompanied by great atmospheric music, so good, we actually copied the link and kept the stream for ourselves. This score captures the mood that Wayward visually nailed with their use of DRD products such as the motel. Which has some creepy secrets if you explore properly.

.Wayward Halloween Gacha Event

 There’s something for everyone at this event, the shoppers get their shopping fix, which we’ll talk about a little further in the post and event explorers, photographers, windlight enthusiasts, thrill seekers, are all catered for. Whether that was the plan or not, Wayward’s event has it all. Most of these props aren’t just there to look pretty, they’re useable – the hearse pictured a ways up this post can be sat on, in..and when we say in, you can be the corpse if that’s your wish. There are lots of places to pose for pictures. The skull tree picture above is one of the visual gems you’re treated to by exploring the sim – there’s a little mine to wander through to discover that particular one. .

Wayward Halloween Gacha Event

Ok shoppers, your turn. This event does something neat especially for you, as mentioned you’re greeted with freebies right out the gate, now – if you take the option of going right toward the motel and circling towards the chapel. You can squeeze through this broken wall and be greeted with your first excursion in to the shopping world.Wayward Halloween Gacha Event

.And, here it is. Blink twice. Nope, you’re still not seeing things – how cute’s this? Take headstones and turn them in to Gachas! Was a really nice touch, very impressive.   We did worry that this event contained just the graveyard, where shopping likes to make you mingle with the recently deceased. Fear not dear reader, for Wayward knows you’re important and have continued to find very cute ways to provide your shopping experience.

Wayward Halloween Gacha Event

Sorry, quick side note – The abandoned fairground above? Creeeeeeeeeepy. wonderfully creepy. If you don’t do clowns, maybe close your eyes and have someone lead you passed it.

.Wayward Halloween Gacha Event

So after rounding passed the abandoned fairground, you’re presented with what I can only describe as one of those stretches of road in nightmares – you know the ones, those long ones where ya run forever but it keeps stretching. It’s here you get thrust back in bargain hunt mode with the next little shopping experience, each home houses a gacha – so you get to go back to childhood and approach each house individually for your prize – squeaking trick or treat is, of course optional, but I personally wholeheartedly encourage this practice.

Wayward Halloween Gacha Event

Keep your eyes peeled for these critters, I’m convinced they’re murderous dolls in sheets, pretending to be trick or treaters. The dolls will get us all one day, when we least expect it. Don’t be the first to let your guard down around these and suffer the consequences.


Wayward Halloween Gacha Event

Finally, you’ll get to view an abandoned drive thru to close out your wayward adventure!

It really is a great event, beautifully created – from small nuances you may not notice the first time around to the grand scale props like the motel and fairground. Wayward is a combination of a haunting score, atmospheric windlight and skilled set dressing that makes it feel well put together and suitably macabre and suspenseful. Make sure you check it out!

Here’s your hearse to The Wayward Halloween Gacha Event

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