Retail Therapy is On!

So, another round of Collabor88 has started, I got in without too much hassle this morning. Yayyyy!

Retail Therapy is On!
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Catwa Jessica Mesh Head Review


Hi all, when I saw Catwa was releasing a mesh head, I was very excited, I thought it was cute but didn’t like the lips (T loves them). So release date I ran to Catwa to get a demo.

Catwa Jessica Mesh Head Review  I open the folder and look for a note with instructions, there are none. There is 2 note’s, 1 is Skins/Makeup Appliers and the other is Catwa Mesh Head Gestures Trigger’s.   Continue reading “Catwa Jessica Mesh Head Review”

Shiny Shabby Finds

Hi all, sorry we haven’t posted much lately, but we have been so busy starting another project ( we will fill you in soon..ish) and T had a family emergency. It has just been crazy busy, but we took time out to head to this round of Shiny Shabby. My graphic’s has been acting up lately, so please do excuse the blurry walk.

Shiny Shabby Finds

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Street Cafe

After a long day sight seeing and shopping, It was time to stop at the street cafe for a glass of vino and catch up on the news.Street Cafe

I love these little tables set up around  Mesh Avenue Event at Pinoy Hideout, they are perfect for a mid-day rest from the heat of the day.

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I wanna be a Rock Star

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