Wayward Halloween Gacha Event


If you came here to see what is offered at The Wayward Event, you will be disappointed. I didn’t throw the first L at a machine. We blogger’s are so intent on being the first to blog something, we miss the surrounding’s, we miss a lot of pretty cool stuff. This post is about that, what you will miss because you want to be the first to blog something. So, with that said, I will let T expound on the surrounding’s. 🙂 (You wont be able to get in till after 8am SLT Oct 16)Wayward Halloween Gacha Event It’s October and as with any occasion in Second Life, themed events come thick and they come fast. Ladies and gentleman – The Wayward Halloween Gacha Event! Continue reading “Wayward Halloween Gacha Event”

2015 O.M.GOSH-igans a Huge Success

Hi all, we are finally able to close out the 25015 O.M.GOSH-igan’s fun raiser. We received an official thank you from Great Ormond Street Hospital.

2015 O.M.GOSH-igans a Huge Success

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SLink Physique Male Mesh Body – A general Musing..

After what feels like a lifetime of anticipation, from the initial rumours to launch day; it’s here, it’s landed – SLinks Physique Male Mesh Body! Continue reading “SLink Physique Male Mesh Body – A general Musing..”

Male Mesh – a plea.

If you’ve spent any time around someone who has a mesh body addiction, you’ll be aware there is very little progress in the way of mesh bodies for males, this isn’t to say there are none,zero,zilch. There are many after all.

Here’s the issue though, when you’re partnered with someone who knows what’s good and what needs work, then you start to realize the quality difference between the creators who for the most part nail it and the ones who have things to work out still.

Take Maitreya for the ladies as an example, very popular, reason being for the most part Maitreya nailed what the fairer sex want in their mesh bodies – whether that’s in its forms or options, accessories, appliers etc. Now for males, The mesh project is seemingly where most men are heading as well Signature,Kauna, Niramyth and Tellaq just to name a few. So why then are there still men shouting out for a “good” male body? Well, here’s why – the days of steroidal man mountains is over, the more akin to real life, second life becomes the less we feel the need to be a perfect specimen inworld.

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Mens Only Monthly has landed! – July round.

Mens Only Monthly has landed! - July round.

Yet another monthly event that all SL men should have firmly seared in to their brain.. It’s MENS ONLY MONTHLY time! Continue reading “Mens Only Monthly has landed! – July round.”