Adam Mesh Head – A Review. (updated)

Traditionally, on a birthday – you’re paraded around family and friends, given gifts, made a fuss of, your mere existence celebrated by those closest to you.

Ginger Chevalier of Adam & EvE mesh fame has taken this tradition and thrown it out, on her birthday (rez day) she has stood among those that celebrate her creations and declared that WE will receive the gift.
Introducing – The Adam Mesh Head.
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Where everyone knows your name…Because it’s over your head. When I first went here, I loved the build and the DJ, but didn’t think Id go back. Fast forward a week, My husband says “Umm, I am hosting Friday. Me: you are? Him: at Shen’s. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather because well, we had talked about him hosting at other clubs. He didn’t want to.

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