Hot Tainted Weekend

Pale down at Tainted Designs knows how to heat the weekends up. She has two hawt creations in the Midnight Mania Boards this weekend.LOL. As usual with my post, I’m not telling which night. You have to go both nights.

.Tainted Designs- Girls~Night~Out- MM Board

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I’m A Heartbreaker

The Midnight Mania Boards are loaded up and ready to go again down at Tainted Designs. Pale sent me this weekends MM board wins so I could give you a peek. I know which outfit will be on the board each night, but I aint telling, you’ll have to go find out yourself. 😀


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I’ve Been Tainted Again

Tainted Designs is having another special Midnight Mania Board Wednesday and Thursday. Both of these outfits will be on the board one day each, but, which day? You have to go each day to see.

.tainted_ Triple~X~Red

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Long Tainted Weekend

OOooow, shiney things are on the Midnight Mania Boards at Tainted Designs. These were on the MM boards over the weekend, but Pale has decided to put them on it again since they locked down so fast. One catch, Pale has also raised the number from 75 to 150 to lock it down. I predict these will lock down early, so hurry to slap it. Also on the Midnight Mania Board is a $250L Gift Card, don’t forget to slap that board too!

.tainted_Leather - VS - Lace , Purple

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