Lelutka Mesh Heads

I have seen all the mesh heads around SL, but have never really considered wearing one even for special occasions. There was always something about them I just couldn’t bring myself to buy any. I for one don’t want to look like everyone else and some just look like a pug dog with fish lips (meaning no disrespect to any creator). But, when I heard LeLutka were creating 3 new mesh heads, I was ecstatic. When I saw the blogger pictures, I thought “Yayyy, a mesh head I may actually wear!!”

So, today’s the day we have all been waiting for. I received the LeLutka demo pack and excitedly opened the package. I put them on one by one. First off let me say, these heads still look better than any others I have seen. I have only one problem with the look of them, the eyes are spaced way to wide for my taste. So, I will wait to see others LeLutka release in future.

LeLutka Mesh Heads


Photo #1

Aria Mesh Head ~ LeLutka

Hair ~ Truth ~ Neria ~ Variety pack

Eyes ~ IKON ~ Hope Eyes – Field

Skin ~ Glam Affair  ~ Included with LeLutka mesh heads

Photo #2

Ever Mesh Head ~ LeLutka

Hair ~ Truth ~ Neria ~ Variety pack

Eyes ~ IKON ~ Hope Eyes – Field

Skin ~ Glam Affair  ~ Included with LeLutka mesh heads

Photo #3

Leda Mesh Head ~ LeLutka

Hair ~ Truth ~ Neria ~ Variety pack

Eyes ~ IKON ~ Hope Eyes – Field

Skin ~ Glam Affair  ~ Included with LeLutka mesh heads


♪♫ Hot Child in the City ♫♪

♪♫ Danger in the shape of somethin’ wild
Stranger dressed in black, she’s a hungry child
No one knows who she is or what her name is
I don’t know where she came from or what her game is

Hot child in the city
Hot child in the city
Runnin’ wild and lookin’ pretty
Hot child in the city ♫♪

Soooo, some friends have been trying to get me out of Frank’s and I agreed. So off we whisked on a shopping spree. I’m so glad we did!  I’ve always loved leather in RL, and thanks to Mr T. I found some really great items.

Hot Child in the City

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Hello Autumn

It seems like absolutely forever since I posted, but I have been sooo busy in SL. What with catching up with old and new friends, readjusting to hostessing, and helping several noobs (one of which some flickrites may know :D) and of course RL, there just hasn’t been enough free time to blog.

The hills are becoming alive with the beautiful colors of fall, and along with the colors comes cooler weather. Time to dig out our warmer clothing.

Hello Autumn
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I’m Back

After an extended hiatus, I’m back and better than ever. I have done a lot of soul-searching and talking this over with friends. It hasn’t been an easy decision me for what I’m about to do. Some of you may know after my partner logged off I became Sasha Highmist to leave the memories and pain behind, which turned into a disaster. I love Sasha, *grins* she is up to date and has a last name, but I also want to bring Ali back. So, sometimes you will see Ali, other times Sasha, and at times both of us in posts.

My blog will still feature some freebies and group gifts (it’s hard breaking the FabFree blogging days), but also items from all the various events that have taken SL by storm since I last blogged. I’ll also be over-hauling this blog, so you will be seeing changes going forward.
I'm Back


On Sasha (left):

 Mina ~ Nikky

 Glam Affair ~ Lulu ~ Jamaica  (past Collabor88)

 One Bad Pixel ~ Tee Dress


On Ali (right):

 Mina ~ Femke ~ @ Kustom9

 Galm Affair ~ Zara ~ Jamacia

 Celoe ~ Past Gift

 Earthstone’s ~ Laraine set

JCNY ~ BirthGem ring ~ Opal

 !bang ~ We are young


P.S. Sorry about the previous post pictures being removed. Someone said something about Ali’s flickr and I deleted it. 😦

Time for Ghouling

 This is not an all freebie post, but, If you know me at all, you know I love Halloween. I love everything about it from being scared silly at spook houses to see all the kids arrive all giggly at my door for a treat to dressing up. SL has many of the things RL does. I love going to the haunted houses and going dancing all dressed in my ghoulish finery.

Halloween #1

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