O.M.GOSH-iganS Event Up-date

We are on day 2 of the O.M.GOSH-iganS Charity Event and it has been a smashing success! We have collected $75,000L each day and we still have one more day left of the event. That’s over $150,000L which doesn’t sound like much, and it isn’t, but every little bit helps.
we-made-our-whole-weekend-goal-today_19954840576_o  If you love music, this is you needed to be at ShenaniganS this weekend. Not only have we had DJ’s, we have had live performers such as Russell Eponym, Grif Bamaisin and Phil Setner. Tomorrow we will have DJ’s from 4am SLT till 6pm SLT.   Continue reading “O.M.GOSH-iganS Event Up-date”

Black Fashion Fair & Wayward Hunt

Black Fashion Fair has opened. It runs April 17th thru May 1st. This is 2 whole sims stuffed full of goodies. You don’t want to miss it. Visit the WeDo SL Events website to see all the store listings and SLURLs

Black Fashion Fair & Wayward Hunt I love this outfit from Legal Insanity. Grace leather pants and top comes with a metal changing HUD. You can also buy different color belt add-ons at the Black Fashion Fair.   Continue reading “Black Fashion Fair & Wayward Hunt”