On the Hunt

Anyone who knows me will know I love a good hunt and I have been hunting lately. Some people may not like hunts, and that’s ok, but there are some really nice things out there on hunts.


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LeLutka Expression Update Just Got Even Better

So, everyone knows LeLutka has updated their mesh heads to include expressions. I don’t personally use them, but I know a lot of SL’ers do. This post is to kinda introduce you to 2 different things. Keep reading. ;D

LeLutka Expression Update Just Got Even Better

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Mens Only Monthly has landed! – July round.

Mens Only Monthly has landed! - July round.

Yet another monthly event that all SL men should have firmly seared in to their brain.. It’s MENS ONLY MONTHLY time! Continue reading “Mens Only Monthly has landed! – July round.”

Wayward Carnival Fun

The Wayward Carnival starts tonight at midnight SLT and you do not want to miss it! The Wayward Carnival runs from July 15th thru July 30th. T and I went this evening and had so much fun. I don’t know what we had more fun doing, shopping or riding the carnival rides in the middle of the sim! Wayward Carnival Fun
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