Welcome to Our Home

Hi there, come on in. Friends are always welcome here, let me show you around. Sit back and relax, it’s going to be a long one.

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Of course you see our foyer filled with some meaningful items and also some quirky things. Baseball and the US flag go hand in hand, I don’t do baseball, but I do do the US flag, which is done very nicely by Dixie Dandelion. Magnum Opus, who created the lamp, is fast becoming a fav creator of mine. What home is complete without plants and flowers? D&s Designs has perfectly brought color and freshness to the foyer. And did you see the Peeps jumping up and down? T asked me what they are and wished I didn’t live on another planet. I gasped because, well, everyone should have peeps at Easter. (Peeps are bunny shaped marshmallow with a thin coating of sugar.)

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More Goodness from The Wash Cart Sale

The Wash Cart Sale,DKD, Dark Knight Decors,Ali,AlisaDexter,SL

Ladies, if you have Slink hands, which most of us do, you simply can not miss Dark Knight Decor’s (DKD) nail appliers at The Wash Cart Sale. And I think taking a picture of nails are about the hardest ones to take, so to get a better look at them I have the different HUDs below

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