Belleza Venus, Freya & Isis Review Revisited

I was sitting at home with the hubby listening to his music stream when I made a comment in a group about Belleza bodies not lining up with my slinks, a few minutes later I get an IM telling me I need to change my slink hand size to xsm and feet to small for a proper fit. So, I am revisiting my review of these bodies I blogged here.

Belleza Venus, Freya & Isis Review Revisited  Well, the only one I had to change was my feet to a small instead of xsm. As you see in the above photo of my Slink HUD, my wrists are xsm and my ankles are small.   Continue reading “Belleza Venus, Freya & Isis Review Revisited”

Belleza Venus, Freya and Isis Review

Sit back folks, it’s going to be a long one.

Belleza Venus, Freya and Isis Review
* This is my personal opinion, experience, views along with what I look for when checking mesh bodies and heads*   I have had the Belleza Venus mesh body since the first of June this year. I don’t wear it much because it needed a lot of work on the alpha cuts among other things. So, we have a long-awaited update to Venus and included in the update is 2 brand spanking new bodies. I could not wait to try them on and see the updates. The Venus body looked better with my Glam Affair skin applier, so let’s take a closer look. You can still see a line where the body meets the neck, but it isn’t too noticeable. One thing I noticed between the bodies is that Venus ispretty straight body with very little hips. Now, I like the curves of a woman, not a child’s. The leg’s seem rather thin compared to the other bodies. Continue reading “Belleza Venus, Freya and Isis Review”


The Fantasy Collective’s Celestial Round is open!! I found this gorgeous gown there and fell in love with it.

The Fantasy Collective
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♪♫ Hot Child in the City ♫♪

♪♫ Danger in the shape of somethin’ wild
Stranger dressed in black, she’s a hungry child
No one knows who she is or what her name is
I don’t know where she came from or what her game is

Hot child in the city
Hot child in the city
Runnin’ wild and lookin’ pretty
Hot child in the city ♫♪

Soooo, some friends have been trying to get me out of Frank’s and I agreed. So off we whisked on a shopping spree. I’m so glad we did!  I’ve always loved leather in RL, and thanks to Mr T. I found some really great items.

Hot Child in the City

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I’m a Ice Princess

My husband, Larry (who will be blogging here occasionally), calls me the Ultimate Ice Princess. Thanks to Poulet Koenkamp at PurpleMoon Creations, I now have the Ice Princess gown to go along with the image. This is the newest group gift from PurpleMoon Creations. The group join fee is $50L, but they have wonderful gifts every month. It’s well worth the join cost.


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