Sailing Anyone?


I didn’t log onto SL till late tonight. When I did I was surprised to see a gift from Lelutka‘s Subscribe-o-matic. It’s the Breeze Ensemble. The Breeze ensemble comes with a bikini top, bikini top tie, bikini bottom, sarong system skirt, sarong tie and Breeze hair in 7 hair colors. I added my BOOM Deck shoes, which are a store gift at Old Costa Rica location.

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Unlucky Dip?

.Unlucky Dip

OMG, I knew when I saw a sign that said “Do Not Feed The Kraken” at Graffitiwear, and it was a tub of blood with tentacles sticking out I had to feed it. Am I glad I did! I won the skirts in the picture beside the tub. Of course I had to try two times to get them.

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