Pete Linden shares Linden Lab’s sophisticated approach to marketing Second Life at SL12B ‘Meet the Lindens’

This post is a bit lengthy, but very informative. I will continue to reblog Canary Becks updates for Project Sansar

Canary Beck

SL12B - Pete LindenThe discussion arising from Wednesday’s ‘Meet the Lindens’ interview between Saffia Widdershins, Elrik Merlin (PrimPerfect), Xiola Linden (Lead Community Manager, Linden Lab) and Pete Linden (Senior Director, Global Communications, Linden Lab) delved into meaningful specifics about new user acquisition. As it turns out, this might arguably be one of the most important interviews of the set of five, because Ebbe Altberg said during his interview today that improving the Second Life new user acquisition process is where the Lab will “probably spend more of our energy on than anything else.”

In this post, I’ll aim to not only share Pete Linden’s approach to how Linden Lab is marketing Second Life and Project Sansar, but to also attempt to challenge the notion that the Lab does not market its products, doesn’t take marketing seriously, or does not do it in a sophisticated way. In reality, the opposite is the case.

After Ms Widdershins set the…

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Every user to get free land in Project Sansar, says Danger Linden

Project Sansar is looking better. I hope they will also find a way to offer (attainable to mainstream SL) something like SLgo. I do know there are a lot of people that relied on SLgo either while traveling or because they can’t afford a new computer.

Canary Beck

SL12B, Drax and Saffia talk to Danger and Troy Linden

In today’s ‘Meet the Lindens’ interview with Danger Linden (Sr. Director, Product, Virtual Worlds) and Troy Linden, (Senior Producer), Danger Linden revealed several important features of Linden Lab’s next generation virtual world in development, Project Sansar, including that every user with a basic account will have access to free virtual land.

Free starter land will be available to anyone who wishes to register a basic account with Project Sansar. Details were unclear as to how much virtual land Linden Lab would make freely available to every user, or what its use or restrictions would entail.

Second, Danger Linden also revealed that Linden Lab will offer a master account model for new registrations, where users can sign in to the new platform with their email address (as their username), and manage multiple accounts through one central account. He also confirmed that Linden Lab hoped to allow for the sharing of a wallet (i.e. currency account)…

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Inworld transactions in Sansar will carry a sales tax of 5%

Clearly will tax, but not clear on exactly what will be taxed

Canary Beck

Ebbe Altberg, CEO of Linden Lab, revealed to Spanish newspaper EL PAIS that he plans to add a sales tax to in-world transactions in Project Sansar (Linden Lab’s next generation platform) – and that it will be 5%.

Altberg said (and I paraphrase / translate from the spanish original) that Second Life has suffered from its own real estate bubble, where residents can rent a 256×256 metre plot of virtual land for $295/month, and that this business model was not intended for the average consumer. Renting virtual land is an expensive hobby or for those who want to run a virtual business.

Sansar, he said, will offer land for less, and Linden Lab will take a commission on any purchase or sale that occurs. “But only 5%”, he added, “which is extremely low compared to the usual 30% for this type of thing.”

It is unclear from his most recent…

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Largest Second Life Blogger Directory Again Available for SL Blogger Registration

SL Blogger Support

I am very happy to invite you all to register your Second Life blog on the largest SL blog directory1,200 Second Life blogs and bloggers are already registered. 1,700 Second Life stores and creators are registered. We have recategorised all the listings to make them easier to find. The sheets now dynamically filter the data you are looking for into embedded spreadsheets placed in 25 new blogger pages and 58 new store pages.

Why should your blog be on this list?

Store owners and creators have used these lists to find bloggers to approach to blog their products since 2011.

Benefits for the SL Blogger:

  • People interested in what you blog about will find you in the category your blog is listed much faster than they’ll find you on Google
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Lelutka Mesh Heads

I have seen all the mesh heads around SL, but have never really considered wearing one even for special occasions. There was always something about them I just couldn’t bring myself to buy any. I for one don’t want to look like everyone else and some just look like a pug dog with fish lips (meaning no disrespect to any creator). But, when I heard LeLutka were creating 3 new mesh heads, I was ecstatic. When I saw the blogger pictures, I thought “Yayyy, a mesh head I may actually wear!!”

So, today’s the day we have all been waiting for. I received the LeLutka demo pack and excitedly opened the package. I put them on one by one. First off let me say, these heads still look better than any others I have seen. I have only one problem with the look of them, the eyes are spaced way to wide for my taste. So, I will wait to see others LeLutka release in future.

LeLutka Mesh Heads


Photo #1

Aria Mesh Head ~ LeLutka

Hair ~ Truth ~ Neria ~ Variety pack

Eyes ~ IKON ~ Hope Eyes – Field

Skin ~ Glam Affair  ~ Included with LeLutka mesh heads

Photo #2

Ever Mesh Head ~ LeLutka

Hair ~ Truth ~ Neria ~ Variety pack

Eyes ~ IKON ~ Hope Eyes – Field

Skin ~ Glam Affair  ~ Included with LeLutka mesh heads

Photo #3

Leda Mesh Head ~ LeLutka

Hair ~ Truth ~ Neria ~ Variety pack

Eyes ~ IKON ~ Hope Eyes – Field

Skin ~ Glam Affair  ~ Included with LeLutka mesh heads