Walks Along the Beach

I have always loved walking on beaches, the salty air, listening to the waves gently hitting the beach. And with beach walks comes bikinis and shorts.

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Summer is Coming

Hello my lovely people. I am again at Just Another Tequila Sunrise. When Arol sent a notice that yesterday would be the last chance to go (I cried), T and I had to go. Since we were already there I took the opportunity to snap a few shots.

Good-bye Tequila, you will be missed.

Mynx,Eaters Coma,Truth

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Are We Ready for Some Serious Shopping?

I don’t know about you, but I sure am. And we get 22 full days and 10, count’em, 10 full sims of shopping to our hearts content! The Home & Garden Expo (the Expo) starts tomorrow. February 14th a t 12:00PM SLT thru March 6th at 11:59AM SLT., mmhmm, AND it’s all for a good cause, Relay for Life in SL.

No matter where you live in this place they call RL, if you or a loved one (hoping not) have had or has the dirty word starting with C, Relay for Life has been able to fund research and new treatments. And we, in SL, do have an impact with financing research. So please, come out and hopefully see some of the exclusives you like and help make a difference.

Oh, that ↓ there is your shopping guide and maps for the different sims. All are named Hope. See you there!

OOOOOh!! I forgot to tell you. Gacha. nods. There’s Gachas on Hope 5.

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Add Some Red for Valentine’s Day

It’s February with Valentine’s Day and all the heart, cupids and red all month. There is also the Add Some Red (ASR) hunt going on and there is some cutie patootie things to be found! WooHoo!

Emerald Couture,EC,ASR,Hunt,Little Black Dress,Ali,AlisaDexter

Like this Some Little Black Dress by Emerald couture. It comes in standard sizes only, but as you can see it fits my Maitreya Lara body. I did have to alpha, but I usually alpha even with Maitreya sizes. The heart choker is part of Euphoria Couture’s Addicted to Love hunt gift which I will be blogging another day.

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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Hi, it’s me again. 😀 The Windlight Winter Art Show is about to commence. It will run from December 7th through December 13th.  Yayyy, TP trip (since that’s faster than a road trip). And the sim is all decked out for Christmas. This is going to be a long one, so buckle up Betty, here we go.

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas
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