LL Making SL Beautiful One Avie at a Time (finally)

o.o I didn’t know there was such a thing as Starter Avatar Modernization project, but I am sooo glad they did. Those last mesh avie’s they released were terrible! When I saw this on the main LL website page I thought “oh lord here we go again.

LL Making SL Beautiful One Avie at a Time (finally)
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Retail Therapy is On!

So, another round of Collabor88 has started, I got in without too much hassle this morning. Yayyyy!

Retail Therapy is On!
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Autumn is in the Air

It’s been a little over a year since I blogged Hello Autumn here at Frisland. There’s been a lot happen between then and now. It’s getting close to the 1st. anniversary of a sudden major health scare, I look back….I have a future. Learn the signs for women and for men. American Heart Assoc. Go Red for women
Autumn is in the Air  It’s getting a little chilly here. I love walking thru the trees with the autumn leaves falls and the crunch of them. So, I guess it’s time to drag out our heavier clothes.

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FaMESHed is Open!!!

A new round of FaMESHed has started! WooHooo! I haven’t been seeing a lot that that me and said “zooooomygod! I got’s to has it!” But, this round I found some really cute item’s.


FaMESHed is Open!!!
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Warning, post may disintegrate due to rain..

Playing in the rain!...again.

X The Vineyard at Checkmate X

So, in this world you’re one of three people, sun seeker, snow lover or you have an affinity with the pouring rain.

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