Mens Only Monthly has landed! – July round.

Mens Only Monthly has landed! - July round.

Yet another monthly event that all SL men should have firmly seared in to their brain.. It’s MENS ONLY MONTHLY time! Continue reading “Mens Only Monthly has landed! – July round.”

Let’s talk Teepees!

Indie Teepee is something special from the moment you land. Why is it different? well, it’s unlike most other events in that the stars aren’t the stores participating or the designers they’ve managed to secure, while these are here in abundance, what sets it apart is the vision of founder & creative director Scarlet Schadenfreude and her team.

Scarlet has nailed the festival vibe, she takes everything that makes a festival an event in the truest sense of the word, tapping the vein of Woodstock and Glastonbury! for a truly unique and special visit. Small touches, seemingly insignificant make the hugest of impacts when you stop to appreciate the attention to detail the team has lovingly crafted.

Let's talk Teepees!

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TMD Mega post imminent!!

TMD Mega post imminent!!The 5th of every month is a special time in a man’s SL, it brings an event that many a man (or lady who’s forcing her friend/partner to update his system uggo avi) with any interest in looking great has to force his way in to, the crowd it attracts from the second it opens means you literally have to force yourself in. Continue reading “TMD Mega post imminent!!”

Warning, post may disintegrate due to rain..

Playing in the rain!...again.

X The Vineyard at Checkmate X

So, in this world you’re one of three people, sun seeker, snow lover or you have an affinity with the pouring rain.

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