Hey Boo Boo, is that a pic-a-nic basket?

.Oooops, wrong story, but these bears are so much cuter than Yogi and Boo Boo.

Dixie Dandelion, The Wash,The Cart Sale,Ali,AlisaDexter

.I really love these I Want Honey bears from Dixie Dandelion ( They are only available at The Wash Cart Sale). It is a whole scene with the 2 bears, the grass, stump, log and the white bark trees in the back ground, oh, and the bee’s nest.
.The Wash,The Cart Sale,Ali,AlisaDexter.I remember when I was little we always went to the lake. My Daddy and uncles would fish, the women sat around talking or cooking and us kids would terrorize both groups πŸ˜€ . End of the day, everyone would gather round the camp fire and roast marshmallows. The adults would sit and talk while us kids ran around with a mason jar and lid catching lightening bugs.

Low Prim Living has this campfire at this round’s Cart Sale at The Wash.Β Lacrime dell’anima has the cute colorful pillow and stump sets and also the beach sign and boat at The Wash Cart Sale. I just love the colors of these, so summery.

.Low Prim Living also has this griller at The Cart Sale.Β Lacrime dell’anima also brought the picnic table and tent set (Tiki Torches come with the tent).

Overall everything at The Wash Cart Sale is fabulous, all are well made and well textured and best of all most items are $10L and one for $50L, so runnn to The Wash Cart Sale!! See you there.


Dixie Dandelion ~ I want honey @ The Wash Cart Sale

[LPL] Low Prim Living ~ Campfire logs with Rocks, Belson Griller @ The Wash Cart Sale

Lacrime dell’anima ~ Buzios Beach Sign, Cuddle Blanket, Pillow sets in teal and coral, Stump set, Table set Coral & Teal, Tent set Wood boat @ The Wash Cart Sale

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