I Will Call Her Ali


Hi everyone, I was sooo excited about Catwa’s Alice (I’ll call her Ali :D) basic head from Catwa’s first tease in Catwa Mesh Head group. I was drooling for her I tell ya! And she was well worth the wait and wiping drool up, she is gorgeous. I knew she would be “me” when she was released, and when I put on Insol’s new skin Marcela, I was in love! Catwa hit it when she created the lips on this head, not too small, but not duck lips either *looks at the seagull* or seagull lips either. She doesn’t have all the bells and whistles Jessica, Gwen and the Annie’s have, but thats ok, I purchased the lips and eyes for Alice instead of the fatpack. I have found with Jessica and the huge add on I don’t use very many of the animations.

This is a gorgeous head and as all Catwa mesh heads, they look completely different on everyone, even with the same skin, someone in the group last night said “my Alice doesn’t look like that in Marcela”.


Catwa ~ Alice Mesh Head

Insol ~ Marcela Catwa Mesh Head applier ~ Copper

SlackGirl ~ JoJo eyeliner & Crossed Nose Piercing (Group Gifts)

IKON ~ Promise eyes ~ Field

Truth Hair ~ Sorrel ~ Reds @ Uber

Location ~ -Saint-Pete City- 

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