Walks Along the Beach

I have always loved walking on beaches, the salty air, listening to the waves gently hitting the beach. And with beach walks comes bikinis and shorts.

For my walk down the beach I pulled on my Mynx jean shorts in vintage. The workmanship on these shorts are excellent from the mesh to the textures to the folds on the shorts. You can almost feel the soft, worn  denim as you pull these shorts on, they’re that well made it invokes sensations. I teamed the Mynx shorts with Rebel Hope’s Chasta binkini top from last year and also my Reign’s summer flip flops that T and I blogged here.
.Duet,Tony,WelshVapour,Ali,AlisaDexter.LOL.. And T didn’t want to photobomb me again so he said “I’ll be over here out of the picture”. It’s a wonder he didn’t drown himself!

At least that what Ali thinks, actually needed to cool down after seeing her legs, they’re so rarely out, but shhhh – T.


Mynx ~ Jean Shorts ~ Vintage

Rebel Hope ~ Chasta Bikini

Reign ~ Summer Flip Flops

Location ~ The Duet

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