The Last Tequila Sunrise’s

.Just Another Tequila Sunrise

I don’t know if you have ever been to Just Another Tequila Sunrise, it’s been around as long as T and I have been together. This sim is special to T and myself. It’s where T and I performed our own little wedding ceremony a few weeks before our actual wedding. And it’s where we partnered. Tequila Sunrise is sailing into the sunset this weekend.
.Just Another Tequila Sunrise.

The news made me sad, made me go take photo’s and for T and I to say good-bye to part of our live’s together. This has been a beautiful photographic sim. If you haven’t been, go and look around, maybe snap some photo’s. If you have, go take your final photo’s of this wonderful sim before Just Another Tequila Sunrise rides into the sunset.

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