Signature’s Alice and Catwa Heads Revisited

Everyone seems to be all a flutter over Catwa’s new mesh head, Sarah which was released  late last night. All of you know I don’t do anything to my review pictures because I want you to see exactly how it is and you make of it what you will. I want you to see it in it’s natural SL state.

Catwa Sarah Head

Sarah is very Angelina Jolie’esque with the high cheekbones and full lips. Angelina has a unique look as does Sarah, I am giving you a 90 degree turn of Sarah, every angle is unique. The lips are way to full for my taste, but I did find 3 skins that minimizes them some, but only with the lips parted.


Catwa has put a new spin on her mesh heads starting with Sarah, she has made it affordable for everyone. The base heads are $900L which is a static mesh head with 1 default lip, but you can purchase add-ons for Sarah. For a total of $4150L you can make Sarah animated like Catwa’s premium heads. The $4150L includes the mesh head, blink, talk and 9×9 mix and match animations, it is a little more expensive if you purchase all the add-ons but you do get, I think 3 extra lip states then the premium heads.

Enough with the new, lets look at 2 things I have previously reviewed. Signature’s Alice body I blogged here has been improved vastly. Alice is now omega compatible and even matches fairly well out of the box, my biggest complaint about the body now is having to pay for additional hand poses. The alpha slices have been cleaned up and alot more slices, but the slices still need more work. ie: smaller cuts, being able to alpha the back of the legs with the front showing, the chest/breast area’s slices are still way too big, things like that, but it’s a huge improvement since the last review.


I reviewed Catwa’s mesh head when it first came out, you can read it here. A lot has changed here for the better also, when I first reviewed Jessica Catwa had absolutely no documentation about wearing it, she now has every little thing covered on her website now. A lot of creator’s should take notice, Catwa is in her mesh head group very often answering questions and trouble shooting anything that happens with the heads, I have never, ever seen a creator care so much as Catwa does. I kept trying and trying different skins on Catwa’s heads, Gwen’s top lip is too straight across and Annie’s face is more round and eyes more slanted then I care for. I finally found a skin that totally transformed Jessica, so I bought her. And I’m so happy I did, I have bought one for a friend (she’s a wonderful woman that works hard) who lives in a 3rd world country and one for T.


T says I look like Julianne Hough in my Jessica head.


Catwa ~ Sarah & Jessica mesh heads

Atelier Pepe ~ Ashley on Sarah mesh head

[Signature] ~ Alice mesh body

IKON ~ Hope Eyes ~ Evening

Exile:: ~ Peaceful Easy Feeling

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