30/31 Event

Soo, there is a new event in SL, this isn’t the normal SL event by any means. This event is called 30/31, and there is a reason it’s called that. The event starts every 30th or 31st every 2 months and all prices must have 30 or 31 in it, What is being sold you ask? Art. Beautiful art works and decorative pieces by some amazing artist’s. Some you know like Cica and some are amazing new rising artist like John (johannes1977).

30/31,Ali,AlisaDexter,SL,Second Life

John seems to let no grass grow under his feet. Seems he stays super busy with event like the 30/31 Event and with charity events. How he has time to create wonderful art shown in both these photo’s is beyond me, but I’m glad he does. The above art piece is named “Residez Schlossvom Balkonaus”. This is a house in SL which John has rendered in watercolors. This is in John’s personal art gallery,  Epic Chromatic, and at a very good price of only $331L. The furnishings I blogged here.
.30/31,Ali,AlisaDexter,SL,Second Life

“Medieval Hideway” is another piece by John in the 30/31 Event. This one is also a watercolor rendered by John and is also the low price of $331L and available at The Windlight Art Gallery. The furnishings are also by Park Place Decor from the Christmas Expo.

The Windlight Art Gallery website also has a complete list of participants of this round of 30/31 Event. Go support the arts in SL and maybe find an artist you love the work of. Look for this sign in stores and galleries to see who is participating in the event, clicking it will take you to the website.

3031 Logo


John (johannes1977) ~ Residez Schlossvom Balkonaus for 30/31

John (johannes1977) ~ Medieval Hideway for 30/31


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