Welcome to Our Home

Hi there, come on in. Friends are always welcome here, let me show you around. Sit back and relax, it’s going to be a long one.

D&s Designs,[MO],Dixie Dandelion,Ali,AlisaDexter,SL,Second Life

Of course you see our foyer filled with some meaningful items and also some quirky things. Baseball and the US flag go hand in hand, I don’t do baseball, but I do do the US flag, which is done very nicely by Dixie Dandelion. Magnum Opus, who created the lamp, is fast becoming a fav creator of mine. What home is complete without plants and flowers? D&s Designs has perfectly brought color and freshness to the foyer. And did you see the Peeps jumping up and down? T asked me what they are and wished I didn’t live on another planet. I gasped because, well, everyone should have peeps at Easter. (Peeps are bunny shaped marshmallow with a thin coating of sugar.)

[MO],[Park Place],Dark Knight Decor,Ali,AlisaDexter,SL,Second Life
.And, this is my person, Tony in a frame by [MO]. He really needs to get off whatever planet he’s on, cuz he doesn’t know any good foods. πŸ˜› Park Place Decor’s Dark Wave bowl and Dark Knight Decor’s Love vase finish this corner and gives it some color.

[MO],[LPL],[Park Place],Ali,AlisaDexter,SL,Second LifeI always like to have an accent wall, and Timeless Textures has some really nice textures for The Wash Cart Sale. I chose the Fairy Tales Cottage Hydrangea texture for the wall, [MO] has the Hope blocks and the Vintage mirror for The Cart Sale. Park Place has theΒ Attic Treasures Bowl & White Marble Statue. I’m loving the birdhouse candles by Low Prim Living.

[Park Place] ,[MO],Ollies Follies,[Wood Works],Ali,AlisaDexter,SL,Second LifeTheΒ Amaryllis is by Ollies Follies, and the Wine tray is by [MO].
.The Artist Shed,[LPL],[Park Place],Wood Works,Ali,AlisaDexter,SL,Second LifeWell, while the cats away, the mice will play…T’s games that is. T is a gamer, always going on about this game or that one. I knew he would flip for the Munchie Man chair from Wood Works. It may be his game room, but I have to put some decoration in no matter how much he gripes. πŸ˜€ So, I put up the wonderful tapestry by The Artist Shed, the book shelf is by Low Prim Living and I have to lay while I’m reading and Park Place Decor (another fav designer) has the floor throw pillows.
.Dixie Dandelion,DD,Ali,AlisaDexter,SL,Second LifeSince we are done, let’s go outside and I’ll show you the greenhouse by Dixie Dandelions. It’s gorgeous, well made and has lovely hydrangea’s growing inside.
.Wood Works,Crys Secret Garden,The Wash,Cart Sale,Ali,AlisaDexter,SL,Second Life

When I was little, I remember both sets of grandparents had outdoor Patio chairs like these by Wood Works. In the evenings as the sun was going down, all the adults would gather on the porch to visit, drink coffee and watch us kids catching fireflies. The Grape Leaf bench in the background is also by Wood Works. The flowers are by Crys Secret Garden.

And, all this is available at The Wash Cart Sale till March 30th. The best part, everything here is either $10L or max of a whopping $50L. So, gooooo, don’t miss it!


D&s Designs ~ Bird on a Wire Indoor Garden @ The Wash Cart Sale

Dixie Dandelion (DD) ~ Baseball Flag USA, Dancing Bunny Peeps, Greenhouse @ The Wash Cart Sale

[MO] ~ Table Lamp, Silver Victorian Mirror, Hope Blocks, Wine Tray, My Person Wall Frame @ The Wash Cart Sale

[Park Place] Β Decor~ Dark Waves Decorative Bowl, Attic Treasures Decorative Bowl, White Marble Statue, Round Walnut Side Table, Floor Throw Pillows@ The Wash Cart Sale

Dark Knight Decor (DKD) ~ Love Vase @ The Wash Cart Sale

Low Prim Living [LPL] ~ Tiny House Candle Decor, XOXO Hanging Shelf @The Wash Cart Sale

Ollies Follies~ Potted Amaryllis @ The Wash Cart Sale

Wood Works ~ Orange/gold vase, Munchie Man, Grape Leaf Bench, Patio Chairs @ The Wash Cart Sale

The Artist Shed ~ Tigerlily Tapestry @ The Wash Cart Sale

Crys Secret Garden (CsG) ~ Planters @ The Wash Cart Sale

Timeless TexturesΒ ~ Fariy Tale Cottage Hydranga textures @ The Wash Cart Sale

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