No Boi’s Ahwwowed!!

Both Tony and I like to make blogging fun for us and for you to read. So, when we received the blogger pack from Ollies Follies for The  Wash Cart Sale (Spring Freshness this round), I thought “no better time to buy a toddleedo”. Off I went and when T logged in, even he was speechless for once,* grins* I had him buy the boy so we could blog these kind of together.


The head squirrel chaser over at Ollies whispered in our ears that she will be changing items on week 2 of the cart sale. This cute little Angela dress in blue is week one, week 2 will be in pink.

I keep tewwing T he gots boi cooties and cant come in! T still has me floating on air as you can see. T will be blogging his outfit on his blog here.

Where is Tom Hanks when a girl needs help playing floor piano? Julene in pink is another complete toddleedo outfit Ollies Follies has the first week. Next week will be green!!

The sandals included with Julene are sooo cute. Toddleedoer’s out there, you don’t want to miss either week of The Wash Cart Sale. And the very best part is these items are only $10L. 0.0 Did I say $10L? Yessssss!


Oillies Follies ~ Julene Outfit & Angela Dress @ The Wash Cart Sale

Cute Bytes ~ Toddleedo Mesh Baby body & head

Truth ~ Kizzy ~ February Group Gift

Location ~ -JP- Jenny’s Playground & Keiki’s Toy Land

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