End to a Beautiful Day

Today has been almost perfect, T has the weekend off and could stay a little later. We hung around home while T was working on a tattoo and I was redoing a vendor which I happened to turn the whole store into. *Rolls eyes*.




So, after T left I decided not to turn our store into a vendor again and blog some thing from the H&G Expo which sadly ends tomorrow. Cherelle of [CIRCA] Living sent me the items she would have had out during the entire Expo, had she not had computer issues. So, I am getting this out in hopes you can make it to the H&G Expo before it closes. Don’t worry, if you don’t make it in time, Cherelle will have them in her store after the Expo closes.

I love the springy look of her Bon Vivant cafe set. She has 3 different colors in them, but I really liked the solids pack. It comes with a table with and without flowers on it and 2 chairs, they are copy so you can add more if you like.


Cherelle also has the cutest *Sunshine Walk* Birdhouse Bench. It has the flowers and 2 birds on it. The little toolbox with flowers and a bird nest with eggs is just adorable. The planter behind the chair matches the bench and is also available at the H&G Expo. You have to hurry to buy these things while they are donation items.

BTW, the total is right now L$ 3,838,469 or US $ 15,354! *Pumps fist in the air*. Heck YEAH!!


[CIRCA] Living ~ Bon Vivant cafe set, *Sunshine Walk* Birdhouse Bench, *Sunshine Walk* Planter Set, and Springtime Tool Box set @ H&G Expo

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