Signatures Gianni Mesh Body – a review..ish

Signature Gianni Mesh Body
Hey! me again – I bring you another opinionated mesh body piece, lucky you.

Signature is not new to the mesh body movement in second life, already having a female and various male versions available. However, Gianni is new and improved.

So, firstly let me state, if you’re expecting something ground breaking, untested and breathtaking, you will be disappointed. There is little new in this iteration of the ever growing in popularity male mesh body.
Don’t let this statement put you off a demo at the very least because while Signature isn’t setting alight the world of mesh bodies, trust me when I tell you Gianni takes the best aspects of what we already know and makes the small improvements that would take any of the other myriad of bodies from fantastic to… special.

I personally believe Signature has taken Adam as it’s inspiration here, so many similarities in functionality it’s hard not to categorize Gianni as “Adam – the hulk edition”
Now, don’t get me wrong, I adore my Adam it’s practically perfect – that makes Gianni practically perfect, or it would if I liked the muscled body type. For those who want to have mass this is a great body, it isn’t huge enough that cats run in fear of being sucked in to a whirling orbit around the mass and it’s not Slink or Adam slender either, it’s a nice in between of both types.

Now, let’s talk about the functionality.

The HUD has a solid layout – it’s in the shape of a popular cellular phone creator..*cough*
The usual suspects are contained within as follows

This is where all your alpha needs are housed & the first of the small improvements I mentioned earlier, these alpha slices are modelled on Adams own it seems.
However there are more sections, making more precise selections than any body before it. Even if only slightly more precise. You also have the option to mass alpha areas of your body, torso, arms, legs etc as well as having a number of save slots.

Something slightly new here, once again everything you’re used to should you own a mesh body is where it should be. Here we’re able to add tattoo or clothes layers and yes, Gianni is omega ready right away – no relay to apply my tattoo at least, this tab also has the option to input a texture uuid, not something I personally, have seen yet so, kudos Signature.

Now, no real improvements here, does what it says on the tin. Here we can RGB colour our skin as well as use the body defaults as well as customizable nail colour for hands and feet that are included with the body.

Finally, limbs – here we’re able to select the poses our hands take though at the time of writing the default hand pose is the only selectable section, it’s noteworthy that your hands can only be alpha..fied? (if that isn’t a word, it is now) – in this limb tab, the body tab doesn’t give you that ability. There are slots, lots of them, for other hand poses but they’re labelled “next update” at the moment.

Signature Gianni Mesh Body

So, to sum up – Signature just doesn’t bring anything that will make some go crazy for it, but it does do what a mesh body should, very well, better than most. So this body will come down to personal preference in the success stakes. I won’t buy it, as I say the muscle type isn’t my taste but it could be yours! if that’s the case, please don’t take too much stock in opinions of myself or others – go to Signature, get the demo, play with it for a while, it could be perfect for you.


Signature ~ Gianni male mesh body

Adam & Eve ~ Adam mesh head

DamselFly ~ Derrick

5 thoughts on “Signatures Gianni Mesh Body – a review..ish

    1. Which is fine Briggs, all about diverse opinions – now we have mine and yours, I agree over all it’s a good body. As stated, it does much better than most 🙂 thanks for reading and commenting

      1. not really a great body for daily using. I found weird for wearing clothes, esp the pant on the position of the waist. the butt is badly design. It is abnormal short. And the upper body, esp the arms are over scale to the body. I have this body, I cannot find any clothes deem fit to it (already one year), except their grey suit. I am regret to buy it.

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