Welcome to Our Home

The Home & Garden Expo is just now revving up to speed. If you haven’t been yet, you have to go! There is so much pretty cool stuff to see and buy for a good cause. And, there are some pretty good new designers there also! Gooo!

This is going to be a long one so sit back and buckle up Betty.

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Ok..Welcome to our home. *grins* T is pretty happy camper right about now because we actually have a house. Or did, but shhh, don’t tell him. Ok, I blogged this creator’s homes back in December for the Windlight Winter Art Show and Winter Showcase. And she has done it again. The gorgeous Brookside log home, it does have a 3 car garage, but since I took T’s truck away when he ended up in a neighbors home on the FAR corner of the sim, we don’t need it. I think I’ll turn it into a study or family room. And I just love the farm wagon from Magnum Opus ([MO]). I’m hoping T doesn’t get the idea to hitch it up to one of our bears.
.Serendipity Designs,Sahi Designs,OTB!,.:VT:.,H&G Expo,Home & Garden Expo,Ali,AlisaDexter

When you walk into the home it has a wide open area, which I love. Serendipity Designs has the Woodland living room set, it’s a heavy design which is right at home in this house. OTB! also has a living room set at the expo and the deco around the fireplace is right at home. VersaTile Designs has the trio of pictures going up the stairs. The deer head Trophy is by Sahi Designs.
.Magnum Opus,otb!,Serendipity Designs,H&G Expo, Home & Garden Expo, Ali,AlisaDexter

The Remembrance Chair and hanging poem from [MO] had to have its own little spot. You can add a photo of your own to the frame on the chair. The chair is a 100% donation to RFL.
.OTB!,Magnum Opus,H&G Expo,Home & Garden Expo,Ali, AlisaDexter

OTB! has some pretty cool pieces for the expo. The Rustic Industrial Bar set is one of them, it includes the wagon wheel chandelier.

The dining room table and chair set is another 100% donation item by [MO]. The matching china cabinet is the subscriber gift and the HOPE blocks is the Expo hunt gift from [MO] also.
.Serendipity Designs,Sahi Designs,H&G Expo, Home & Garden Expo, Ali,AlisaDexter

Serendipity Designs has a wonderful Cabarita bedroom set. It includes the bed, nightstands, lamps, a bench, a small table and chairs. The wall hanging is from OTB! in the Hudson River School of Art Collection at the expo. Off the bedroom, there is a short hallway to a bathroom.
.OTB!, Broken Creek Decor,H&G Expo, Home & Garden Expo,Ali,AlisaDexter

OTB! has these cute colorful Hipster bedset and Bright sitting corner. I love the purples and blues. The plants are from Broken Creek Designs at the expo.
.OTB!,H&G Expo,Home & Garden Expo,Ali,AlisaDexter

And, I have finally finished showing you around the house, we can sit and relax on the back porch with the cat and dogs to watch the sunset. The big dogs set is from OTB!. It seems everything OTB! and Serendipity Designs has at the expo fit so well into the log home theme and of course other themed homes.

Go to the expo, look around and hopefully you will see some things that you can’t live without and help a very good cause.

I’ve talked enough so I’ll say Good night all.


Serendipity Designs @ H & G Expo

OTB! @ H& G Expo

Broken Creek Decor @ H & G Expo

VersaTile (.:VT:.) @ H & G Expo

Sahi Designs @ H & G Expo

Magnum Opus ([MO]) @ H & G Expo

Potomac Signature Homes @ H & G Expo

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