Glas House’s

.Sandi Glas of Glas Houses has 3 different houses at the H&G Expo for Relay for Life. The Expo doesn’t open til Sunday, Feb. 14 at midnight.


Sarah is a modern minimalist designed house. It has loads of glass on the ends and the front of the house. This end of the house has 2 good size bedrooms.

This is the front of the house with loads of glass all the way down the front.As you can see there are sliding glass doors so living can extend to the yard.

the kitchen is open to the dining area and the living room. I love the open space feel.

Off the end of the living room is another bedroom. All this for only 98LI! It’s at a special price during the H&G Expo and a portion of proceeds goes to Relay for Life.

Hold up, let me take a selfie. grins. This has absolutely nothing to do with the Expo except for a note that was in the blogger box. T and I chuckled at it and I knew I had to take a selfie. Look at the shirt, not my duck lips.

This is one of Sandi’s Expo exclusives called Granelda. It has a nice southwest USA feel to it and it’s just 62 LI.

It has a nice courtyard as these adobe southwestern houses have

Inside is gorgeous. The photo on the left is the living/dining room, on the right is the master bedroom. There is also another bedroom the same size without the fireplace. And also a kitchen. All whitewashed adobe inside.

When I rezzed this house called Jolie, I was time warped back to childhood memories. My aunt and uncle lived in one exactly like this house. the carport was on the other side on their house. This is another Expo exclusive.

When I walked into the house, I was walking into their house again. You walk into the living-room, to the right is the dining room and kitchen behind the half wall.

There’s 2 bedrooms, both of which looked larger then my aunt and uncles. The master has sliding glass doors.

A Garden Compass from Nola’s Notions so you know where the wind is coming from. And, this is what was always on my aunt and uncles carport, Beach Loungers, this one is from Good Furniture.



Glas Houses @ H & G Expo

Good Furniture @ H & G Expo

Nola’s Notions @ H & G Expo

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