As I have said in previous post’s, Tony and I are building a business. We started with wall decals, then….

.::unmisTakAble:: Wedding's


::unmisTakAble:: Wedding’s was born. Both Tony and I have worked hard on this, pouring everything we have into it and still are. Tony has worked on textures and scripts (ugh) while I put together some venue’s and invitations we sell on MP and come in a wedding package. I have made the traditional SL invitations along with animated musical card invitations. We have already had several wedding’s and have several booked. We have wedding’s and renewal’s to do in Feb. so we will have our grand opening around the first of March. We also perform wedding’s for ShenaniganS at their wedding barn. Tony is a graphic’s designer so we will soon be adding tattoo’s.

As we say on our website

“We won’t tell you we are the best, what we will do is show you what we are capable of and let your wedding day be the judge.

We aren’t in competition with anyone but ourselves. We want to make the next wedding even better than the last. That is our only competition and goal.”

We hope to see some of you in the future.

::unmisTakAble:: Wedding’s website

::unmisTakAble:: Wedding’s MP

::unmisTakAble:: Wedding’s inworld

Shenanigan’s Wedding Barn

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