Adam Mesh Head – A Review. (updated)

Traditionally, on a birthday – you’re paraded around family and friends, given gifts, made a fuss of, your mere existence celebrated by those closest to you.

Ginger Chevalier of Adam & EvE mesh fame has taken this tradition and thrown it out, on her birthday (rez day) she has stood among those that celebrate her creations and declared that WE will receive the gift.
Introducing – The Adam Mesh Head.
.Adam Mesh Head, Tony V, WelshVapour.

Where to start – Well let’s begin properly and with all due decorum and respect. Ginger Chevalier happy rez day and to another 9 years full of laughter and creations.
Before we get in to the actual review, a look at the hud and an explanation of the features etc. I’m going to tell you what I think of it, give you my opinion – regardless of which you should go take a look yourself.
So, I think, I won’t be returning to my old default head. That in itself is a pretty huge testament to how good this head is, I’ve tried every head possible and not one has even made the thought of leaving my default brain holder behind. I tried Adam today and after removing it because my skin has no applier for the head (yet) my first words to Ali were “well, crap – I’m ugly now”.
My solution was unthinkable and may be to most people – I have now given up my skin until it is supported and I stand before you in these pictures using Adams default skin – #5 shade to be exact and I’m happier than a pig in sh..erm, mud. So there, that’s what I think.

Now for the in depth stuff. There’s much to cover – now’s a good time for coffee and a bladder release. Not in that order, pee first.

Done? good.

Let’s talk about the HUD first.
.Adam Mesh Head, Tony V, WelshVapour.

As you can see it’s pretty much aesthetically, at least, a carbon copy of the bodies HUD, I still don’t like the design – It’s kinda like Microsoft Vs Apple in the looks department. However, functionality over design is the rule and this HUD is functional! You can add and without explanation – go.
Breaking down in to compartments – first we have Skin, for both the head and body, nice touch, eliminate the need for both HUDs to change the skin separately! though, granted only useful if like me now, you’re wearing a default included Adam skin. There are 11 to choose from and I have little doubt that you won’t be able to find one you can’t live with until your preferred skin is supported, which I expect to come around pretty quickly with the stir this release is causing inworld and among the blogging community. The fact that it’s Omega compatible will only help that fact.

Next – in a tiny compartment of it’s own, your neck skin – which will help blur the line between your default SL body and new mesh head. Though I would imagine if you’re picking up a mesh head, you’ve already gotten a body; if not, might I suggest the Adam body. Again allowing you to match a default Adam skin with the preloaded 11 options and with a few different sizes to get as close to seamless as possible.

Feature time!! – I love this area of the HUD, the issue with many mesh heads, especially popular ones is, you end up looking like about 20% of the other people who purchased that particular head and while Adam doesn’t offer a huge amount of customization it offers enough that you’re unlikely to bump in to too many others that have your face.
Of course, dark alleys and clubs mean if you do, you won’t see it anyway.
So in this section we have 5 facial hair options – all but one is stubble rather than a full blown furry man creature growth and the one that isn’t stubble, is a clean baby faced shave.
Then we also have the same number of options for your hairbase, not in styles but in default colours again with the option to have no hairbase. Included in this area are options for eye shadows, I did wonder why I’d want any form of eye shadow but playing with the 4 colour options, it could come in handy for pictures, for example let’s say my shoot requires me to look suitably hungover, after all I did drink Jack Pixels the previous night – then eye shadows 4 makes me look suitably pained and sleep deprived, the make up doesn’t end there we’re then treated to 4 options for lip colour, in the interest of review, I did also play with these, not a fan but that’s not because it’s basically lipstick, we all have a weekend tradition after all, but because to me, I looked like I’d been drinking yoohoo and gotten it all over my mouth!
We have options for neck tattoos, face tattoos – 2 slots on each which will come in handy when Omega compatibility comes to fruition (waiting for Omega to sort whatever it is they need to sort) plus – we have 5 styles of eyebrows! and yes one of the styles eyebrows. The other 4 have slightly different shapes and thickness but my favourite was #3, I kinda like the two shaved lines look. Oh! we have eyelashes too – big, feminine ones! yeah, I don’t use them either *coughs*

That was a lot of information I know..
Ready for more? Onward buttercup!!

Next section is more features but dedicated to the eyes – we have the option to show or hide the eyelashes we don’t wear. As well as blend masking options – I have no idea what that does really. Now the best part – Adam can blink! oh yes, he can and blink well he does, not so often you worry that he needs specs or at the very least an appointment with an optician, just a good, naturally timed..blink. You can of course, stop and start this as you wish, so those family photos won’t be ruined by a mis-timed blink incident. You can also open and close as you wish in a standalone capacity.

For those that deal with specular maps – this next section is for you to enjoy. We’re given a slider and 3 options to play with the shininess this head exudes – handy for pictures I suppose, for me personally with ambient occlusion and advanced lighting and all that jazz enabled, there’s not much change in the brightness of the face overall.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations and apologies for my incessant rambling – just one more area of the HUD to cover and you’re free to go, back in to the wild of SL.
The entire bottom section is dedicated to colour and shade customization, including RGB – each button refers to a particular area of the body and the corresponding colour chart for that area. Pretty self-explanatory by view – hairbase, body, eyebrows, and the option to “white out” is there as a factory reset.
.Adam Mesh Head, Tony V, WelshVapour.

That, my friends; is the Adam mesh head – I’ve waited until now to tell you this part, from Midnight of 16th Jan – for 72 hours, yes – THREE DAYS! the head is available FREE! I fully, unequivocally, recommend you go >here< and get it.

(Update) – Omega has swiftly updated their Adam Applier kit, clicking update on the menu with your current kit will redeliver the updated 2.2 version to you and include the omega system router HUD allowing you to apply your chosen skin to the head, providing your current skin creator is supplying the skin in mesh head form – if not, drop a notecard to them requesting they do, as I did with Nivaro skins 🙂

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