Obsession Exposed

Hi again, Some of you know that I am moving my blog flickr to another account.

Obsession Exposed Gallery

The reason I’m doing this is because I love shooting landscapes in SL. I was contacted not long ago asking if I would like to show my work in a new gallery.  I was undecided about it, half of me wanted to, the other half  of me thinks (and as a few snobberies have told me)”I’m not that great at taking photo’s . With some encouragement from friends and family, I did it!

I have come to the conclusion, I’m not that great at shooting avie’s but give me a beautiful sim and I’ll show you my landscapes are awesome. And that’s ok! Other’s can do all the avie photo’s and I’ll stick to my barely touched landscapes. Thank you to all who have encouraged me, everyone who faved my photo’s and everyone who follows me and my flickr.

Thank you Tony, Mist, Wit and Richie (Matt)


Obsession Exposed Gallery

Outfit blogged here


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