Adam mesh body review

Hello my friend, come be seated.

Let me regale you with a Christmas story, not your traditional Christmas story however but one that has very little to do with the holiday – comfortable? good, let us begin.

It was December 24th and all through Second life, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Except all manner of furries and faeries and humans and vampires etc etc etc…

Adam mesh body review//


I demo’ed the Adam body less than 24 hours after it’s initial release and in the interest of fairness and full disclosure – bashed the heck out of it. I had my Slink dude after months of complaining about there being an abundance of muscle bound bodies with their own gravitational pull and I was not about to give it up for any form of competition regardless of the Slink failures, such as the alpha slices, collarbone pop though mesh clothes (which were likely designer faults and not Slink, but still)
My demo review was this simple – Alpha slices are great, went absolutely dead on compared to every other male body, yes there are lots of slices but each ensure an almost perfect fit to every item of clothing – but it’s not slink, I will stick with slink, it does everything else better than Adam (shotgun assumption, I hadn’t even tried any sort of feature) and that as far as I was concerned was the end of that. I continued my existence in my chosen mesh body happily.

Not even an hour ago, my long suffering, eternally wonderful partner in all things, bless her – gifted me the Adam. Dutifully I unpacked, added it, removing all trace of the Phyisique body. I was dubious, the hud is – sorry Adam creator – ugly. The layer tab looks overcomplicated. These are my complaints in the first 20 minutes – fast forward maybe 10-15 minutes. My preferred skin is on and sorted, good start, very easy thanks to Omega compatibility. New tattoo from this months Mens only monthly next, this will be difficult. Not.At.All, Omega relay, Omega applier provided with tattoo – Bob’s your uncle, Fannie’s your aunt – done.
.Adam & Eve,Adam,Male Mesh Body, Tony, WelshVapour

So one complaint blown out of the water, colour me surprised, the layer tab isn’t at all complicated. NEXT! – let’s play with clothes I had major issues with on the Physique, for the purposes of being quick.. no issues, every single alpha slice is so near perfect that it’s of no consequence when 3 out of the possible 8,000 pixels just ever so slightly peek through clothing. So, suffice it to say Adam really is great, does it have issues..yes, the hud is ugly, no that’s not a body issue. Now, lets talk about the hud – it’s user friendly, very much so, every tab has specific functions and looks more daunting than it is.
.Adam & Eve,Adam,Male Mesh Body, Tony, WelshVapour

Add on tab allows you to play with your neck and the hands that ARE supplied with the body, yep – Adam comes with a full set of hand gestures. However, you’re not tied to using those hands or even the feet – I can not, will not, part with my slink hands and feet and they fit pretty perfectly, quick alpha of the hands and feet on the Adam alpha tab and you’re golden.
.Adam & Eve,Adam,Male Mesh Body, Tony, WelshVapour..

The skin tab is as you would expect – a range of preset skins and hair, though most of us will have a favourite creator, as long as your skin is omega compatible, it’s Adam compatible, you’re also able to try colour match your skin with RGB as well as being able to change your toenail and nail colours. .

.Adam & Eve,Adam,Male Mesh Body, Tony, WelshVapour.
And finally – Alpha tab, does what it says on the tin, don’t be put off by the volume of slices, there are a lot but they are truly a wonderful thing and can be multi toggled by the list on the right, upper legs, lower, feet, nails, pelvis and bely (yes I’m aware it’s “belly” but the hud says “bely”) As recently pointed out to me in the comments of this post, the hud actually does say “belly” so… I cleaned my monocle and concede all is well with the spelling on the hud (Thanks Lee). We will gloss over that. This body allows you to save your selected toggle slices in slots on the bottom right, fit your outfit, toggle your slices and save in a number slot per outfit – easy, just remember which outfit you’ve saved to which slot and all good. Here’s the great thing – you’re not really limited as far as I can tell to your slots – I managed to scroll to 20+ before giving up and assuming with the double-digit positions, you may be able to save 99 slots.


Adam & Eve,Adam,Male Mesh Body, Tony, WelshVapour

The Adam body itself is a major work of art – it’s not pulling surrounding objects in to you due to your size having it’s own gravitational pull, it’s not tiny either but svelt, slender, toned. Adam is truly the next big step in Male Mesh body design and at 2950L, absolutely worth it’s price tag.

Merry Christmas – go get it and prepare to fall completely in love with the new you.

Edit – after publishing this post, I learned that Adam has slink shoe compatible feet, so can not, will not detach slink hands and feet has become “goodbye slink limbs” and after speculating that the alpha save slots go to 99, I’m told that 50 slots are the limit, which is all well and good and much better than 4!


Adam and Eve ~ Adam mesh body

Ascend ~ Classic Cargos @ Mens only Monthly

Inhale ~ violent bounce tattoo @ Mens only Monthly

Nivaro ~ Serge skin



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    1. You are correct Lee, upon closer inspection with freshly cleaned monocle, does indeed actually say “belly” pesky second L got lost in my vision – shall be amended…thank you.

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