Potomac Signature Homes

This post is long, and I don’t have it fully decorated with pictures and things, mainly due to the fact T and I had just finished another house for christmas. Imagine his surprise when he logged on “babe, I’m stuck under the house and our living room is down here too”. This is also a time sensitive product, it will only be available till Dec. 31st, then it’s gone forever.

.Potomac Signature Homes
The Potomac Signature Homes at The Windlight Winter Art Show and Winter Showcase has the Caribou Crossing Holiday Limited Edition. I didn’t think the holiday decorations came with the house and wasn’t sure about the fireplace’s in it. Sooo, I IM’d the creator to ask her and I’m so glad I did. Winter told me the fireplaces did in, fact come with the house and also all the holiday decorations inside and out! 0.0 Even after speaking to her I still didn’t think the cute polar bear helping her baby bear decorate came with it or one of Santa’s deer. Everything you see in this photo comes with the house. When you buy the house you get a decorated one and one without, and you can easily remove them after the holiday. .Potomac Signature Homes

I did have time to do a little bit of personalization. I changed the wall textures through out the house. When you enter the house there is a wonderful staircase already decorated, to the right was the kitchen that i made into a sort of office.

.Potomac Signature Homes

To the left is open and airy. I made the sitting area first, then my grand piano. BTW, the christmas tree comes with it also.

Potomac Signature Homes

Our dining room and kitchen are where the master bedroom and master bath was supposed to go, which is off to the right of the piano area.

.Potomac Signature Homes

The 2 rooms upstairs I made into the master bedroom and master bath. This is a huge home, but compared to Winter’s other home, it’s small.

Potomac Signature homes is the leading log/rustic home creator. Please go have a look, after looking at the home, have a peek at the artist exhibitions and shop a bit. It’s all for a good cause, Team Diabetes in SL.

Merry Christmas!


Potomac Signature Homes ~ Caribou Crossing Holiday Limited Edition Lodge & Rustic Holiday living room set @  Windlight Winter Art Show & Winter Showcase

Park Place Home Decor ~ French Walnut Study ~ Silent Auction item for  The SL Christmas Expo 2015

Park Place Home Decor ~ Poinsettia Hanging Bag Planter’s @  Windlight Winter Art Show & Winter Showcase

Christmas at the House of Avro ~ Cat & Puppy in Stocking @ Windlight Winter Art Show & ShowCase

WHIMSICAL HAPPENINGS ~ (Decor) Wordy Holiday tree & ho ho ho wall decal & shelf @ Windlight Winter Art Show & Winter Showcase

Lostdog Designs ~ The Pianist ~ Not Available

Aria ~ Savannah Dining Room set

Apple Fall ~ Plantation Kitchen & Dress forms

Vagabond ~ Julie’s Bed

Dust Bunny ~ Camellia Chair

[keke] ~ cluster of bulbs & hanging bottled flowers

Con & floorplan ~ Bathroom set

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