Lady Gwen

I have been hunting again and have found some pretty neat things.

Lady Gwen



When I found this Lady Gwen gown by Cheeky Parrot Boutique, I knew the perfect place to get a shot of it. We are designing a Celtic Handfasting ceremony for a couple, so this was perfect. Also, the twig firefly jars from HJM Designs fit in nicely with a Celtic theme. I did stretch them a bit, well more then a bit, before saving them since they come in a rezzer. .Lady Gwen

Acios has this nice head jewel in the Elven Hunt, and Redrose Jewellry Stores has this gold fairy choker.

Happy Hunting!



~**Cheeky Parrot Boutique**~ ~ Lady Gwen Gown & Hair for The Elven Forest Hunt

{Acios} ~ Mesh Head Jewel

Redrose Jewellry Stores ~  Gold Heart Choker with Fairy

HJM Designs ~ Twig Hanger with Fireflies Jar


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