2015 Christmas Expo for RFL

2015 Christmas Expo to benefit Relay for Life in SL opens December 3rd and runs thru December 14th. This is a huge 4 sim extravaganza featuring shopping, gacha’s, raffle’s, entertainment, a hunt, christmas tree lot, and even a snowman building contest. Hmmm, I wonder if there will be snowball battles, I think I can take Tony down in one (don’t tell him I said that).

A Frozen Christmas - The SL Christmas Expo 2015
   If you are close to me, you know cancer hits close to home. My grandfather passed from a brain tumor, myself, my aunt and my daughter have all had cervical cancer, and 2 close relatives had lung cancer. So I am very proud to blog for this expo. I hope you all come out and support a very good cause. Now, on with the good stuff.   2015 Christmas Expo for RFL
.I am all decked out for Christmas thanks to Outside the Box (OTB). I have my red couch and chair, the obligatory Christmasy pillows on the couch. And the sleigh coffee table with little snowmen and tree, how cute is that?

2015 Christmas Expo for RFL

Since the woman I wanted to buy a tree from in no longer in SL, I went to Laq Decor to buy my tree since a Christmas scene isn’t complete without one.


2015 Christmas Expo for RFL

I blogged the fireplace previously here. I thought the paper lantern christmas stars from Spyralle were so pretty. The xmas and give (rare) letters are Purple Moon Seasonal’s (no, not PurpleMoon clothing) gacha items. Oh, and the cute carousel is an OTB event exclusive. It even spins round playing Let It Snow. And we couldn’t have Christmas without leaving milk and cookies for Santa, if they are gone Christmas morning, it’s proof he visited.

There is sooo much going on at The Frozen Christmas event, you can’t miss it. There will also be live performer’s performing at different times all during the event. So, come take a journey back in time to when Christmas was a magical event in our childhood and help raise some much-needed funds for cancer research.

Merry Christmas!



2015 Second Life Christmas Expo website

Purple Moon ~ Xmas lettering with Bear & Give lettering with Gifts @ Christmas Expo

OTB (Outside the Box) ~ Christmas couch, chair, coffee table, cookies for Santa table & Carousel @ Christmas Expo

Spyralle ~ Paper lantern’s ~ Hunt for the Bells gift @ Christmas Expo

LAQ Decor ~ Christmas Tree

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