Unbiological Sister’s

.Have you ever met someone and it’s like you have known them your whole life? Wit is one of those, my unbiological sister. She has been there in the ups and downs, accepts me just as I am and isn’t afraid to tell me I’m wrong when I am wrong (she doesn’t have a problem telling anyone when they are wrong). You don’t find many with a strong friendship in SL, so I asked her to be in a blog post with me since she shops as much as I do.

Unbiological Sister's
Β  .Jeeeez, I didn’t know I was so much taller than her. Β I found this awesome top at Shiny Shabby and loved it. Ascend’s Fringed out cardigan with a shirt under it with a few different sating’s, I chose the “Young, Wild and Free”. Unbiological Sister's
.That’s us, sometimes it’s another sign instead of a peace sign. πŸ˜€
.Unbiological Sister's

I love the detail of Dead Dollz Felina dress on Wit. Very, Very sexy.


On Ali:

Ascend ~ Fringed Out Cardigan @ Shiny Shabby

BlueBerry ~ Vio ~ Mesh ~ Belted Denim

_CandyDoll_ ~ Arabella Boots

MG (Maxi Gossamer) ~ Voodoo Rocker

Truth ~ Emerson

On Wit:

Dead Dollz ~ Felina @ Cosmopolitian

N-Core ~ Donna

Truth ~ Rowen

Glitterati ~ Build a pose (not available)

Location ~ Just Another Tequila Sunrise

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