2015 O.M.GOSH-igans a Huge Success

Hi all, we are finally able to close out the 25015 O.M.GOSH-igan’s fun raiser. We received an official thank you from Great Ormond Street Hospital.

2015 O.M.GOSH-igans a Huge Success

I am so in awe of everyone who participated either by donating a percentage of proceeds, time or talent. We raised £600!! That may not sound like a lot, but that equals almost $1,000 USD. And for such a huge hospital as Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, it is a drop in the bucket. But every £ helps.

This gives us inspiration to go bigger and better for our 2016 G.O.S.H. event. We are planning for an entire sim event, inviting more creators to donate a portion of proceeds from an item, have live entertainment and just plain fun. Fun is very few and far between for these children. And I know personally the stress and heartache the parents and family go through.

We wish to thank Ms Mami Jewel, creator/owner of -AZUL- for believing in  GOSH and donating 50% of proceeds from a limited color creation,  Shaleene Kenin owner/creator of Pure Poison also believing and donating 100% of proceeds of a pair of heels and Gabriela Seubert creator/owner of Gab’s Creations for donating several tattoo’s. Thank all of you sooo much.

We also wish to thank Mr Russel Eponym, Mr Grif Bamaisan, and Mr Remy Farman for giving us the gift of your live performances. All of the DJs who came out to help us.


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