Male Mesh – a plea.

If you’ve spent any time around someone who has a mesh body addiction, you’ll be aware there is very little progress in the way of mesh bodies for males, this isn’t to say there are none,zero,zilch. There are many after all.

Here’s the issue though, when you’re partnered with someone who knows what’s good and what needs work, then you start to realize the quality difference between the creators who for the most part nail it and the ones who have things to work out still.

Take Maitreya for the ladies as an example, very popular, reason being for the most part Maitreya nailed what the fairer sex want in their mesh bodies – whether that’s in its forms or options, accessories, appliers etc. Now for males, The mesh project is seemingly where most men are heading as well Signature,Kauna, Niramyth and Tellaq just to name a few. So why then are there still men shouting out for a “good” male body? Well, here’s why – the days of steroidal man mountains is over, the more akin to real life, second life becomes the less we feel the need to be a perfect specimen inworld.

I, personally always find myself in the Mesh Addicts group created by Daria, complaining that I’m on the look out for a realistic, slim line, nerd man mesh body. I’m often told to go to TMP and get their softer, slimmer body and yes, I could and if I could while keeping my skin, I absolutely would as of right now it is THE singular best male body available, however, I can’t match my skin tone on the body to that of my beautiful face, Birth hasn’t created the straw complexion appliers for males. Therein lies another issue, male – everything has lagged behind the advances in female fashion for, from what I’m told; years.
Are men to blame for that? Well, maybe, there’s no contention in what the majority of males come to second life to do, if it isn’t to cause mayhem by griefing, it’s often to dip their pixel peens in to some poor newbie. So allow me, here and now to stand with the males who have an ounce of humanity, a sense of decency and say, we’re interested in avatar advancements and fashion too. There are a whole bunch of us, as consumers who want the quality and options the female world gets already. It’s getting there, don’t get me wrong, Addams, Gabriel, Deadwool and hundreds of others are giving as much time to male fashion as they are womens, with amazing quality.

To stay on the topic of male mesh bodies though, there are rumblings of SLink creating a male and I’m very glad to hear that, cause their female is good, perfect? no, but good and at the very least, hands and feet from the same creator have to fit right? and with birth at least, for me, matching tones on the hands and feet, stands to reason at some point I’ll be able to do that for the whole body.
Please though, oh wise and powerful mesh body creators, realize that every other body is one of those vein filled, feel the burn, full sim bench pressing, rock solid bodies, it’s time to tone it down. Give us a male that looks like he does an hour or so of cardio, eats right and does a few sit ups so he can wash his clothes on his abs, not grind rocks on the thing.

After that, take a look at events like Mens only monthly and The mens dept, research the pioneers of mens fashion and create your alpha slices accordingly, all too often with demo bodies, I’ve started hitting slices on the hud only to see that half the chest disappears above the neckline of at least three different creators t-shirts, leaving me with a floating head and the people in my vicinity being able to view the scenery through me. Here’s the thing, legs fine, create those large slices, for the most part, men will be in full length pants, the legs can pretty much go, just be aware of shorts length when we want to show them off. The issue is the top half, make sure we can almost effortlessly hide the parts we need to and still look great in short sleeves and low necklines.
I don’t believe for a second, whether male or female, any of us would complain about how many slices we have to hit to properly fit ourselves in an outfit, better too many smaller slices than huge ones that take out a quarter of our arms. Hell, I’m sure someone could take a leaf from  Dorex Delicioso’s book and create an auto hide hud for your favourite outfits, (nudge,nudge Dorex) making smaller slices less bothersome for the few, who would be bothered by it. Next!! show creators your body is worth supporting, have them make the required appliers, whether skin or otherwise, without it – you lose sales, so do the creators. As I’ve said, TMP don’t have 5000L$ of mine purely because the colour won’t match.

In closing, let me say this too – in no way is this meant to flame the creators I’ve mentioned, the bodies are good, each of them, they’re just in my opinion needing work to appeal to more men inworld, myself included. Fact is, creators are realizing there are men who want to look good and will invest time and lindens in to their avatars to obtain that and that is fantastic; and I’m also sure they’re all doing fine with sales from the men their bodies DO appeal to which again, is also fantastic.
Who knows what the future is holding for us males in Second Life, but I sincerely hope it’s a mesh body that is on a par with Maitreyas females with huge support from the popular content creators while allowing up and coming creators easy access to the tools needed to support the body too.

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