Maitreya Auto-Hide Made Easy

Ladies, if you have ever tried Maitreya’s Auto-Hide script, you know how totally….I don’t have a name for how it makes me feel. Makes me want to scream! You will love what I’m about to tell you about.
Maitreya Auto-Hide Made Easy

Ok, you know the HUD, we all have used it. You have all those little bitty  pieces that would make anyone scream and it gets tedious clicking them every time you change. Maitreya Auto-Hide Made Easy

So, Onyx wrote the nifty little Auto-Hide script and put it out in her store for free. Yayyy! But look at all those areas and 0’s and 1’s to put on a note and hope you have all the right ones in the right places. And that takes forever. Not anymore thanks to Dorex Delicioso. Read on ladies.

Maitreya Auto-Hide Made Easy


This is the even niftier Auto-HUD and you are going to love it! It is brilliant! For every outfit you make and need or want to use the auto-hide, click off the alpha’s on the Maitreya HUD, then add this HUD and match the alpha’s to the Maitreya HUD. Once finished, click output all.


Maitreya Auto-Hide Made Easy

And voila. All those alpha’s are output into local and all you have to do is copy that to a note, slap that baby into whatever it is you are wanting auto-hide to work on along with the script. Now every time you wear that top, pant, dress or outfit all the alphas needed toggled are automatically toggled.

Dorex was in Maitreya Lara Friends group asking if anyone used the auto-hide script, I told her i had tried once and it was too time-consuming. Next thing I know Dorex sent this to me to try, and I was blown away by it and said so in the group. LOL. I think Dorex sent it to 100 women. The Auto-HUD was such a success she listed it on MP for cheap. You really want to get this to save you from pulling your hair out.

Dorex Delicioso Auto-HUD

This link no longer works

3 thoughts on “Maitreya Auto-Hide Made Easy

  1. This looks wonderful! I’ve not yet played with the auto-hide possibilities, but I’ll really have to give this a look. Thank you so much for posting about it, Alisa! ♥

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