O.M.GOSH-iganS Event Up-date

We are on day 2 of the O.M.GOSH-iganS Charity Event and it has been a smashing success! We have collected $75,000L each day and we still have one more day left of the event. That’s over $150,000L which doesn’t sound like much, and it isn’t, but every little bit helps.
we-made-our-whole-weekend-goal-today_19954840576_o  If you love music, this is you needed to be at ShenaniganS this weekend. Not only have we had DJ’s, we have had live performers such as Russell Eponym, Grif Bamaisin and Phil Setner. Tomorrow we will have DJ’s from 4am SLT till 6pm SLT.  

O.M.GOSH-iganS Event Up-date

Mami Jewell owner/creator of -AZUL- so graciously agreed to help by providing Anais in an exclusive color only at O.M.GOSH-iganS. It is so gorgeous and sexy. Mami, we can’t possibly thank you enough. Chloe is awesome also. 🙂

And you can see a little of my leg tattoo, Gabriela Seubert Creator of Gab’s Creations donated 7 tattoo’s for the event and beyond. Thank you Gabby, more than we could ever say .

O.M.GOSH-iganS Event Up-date

Shaleene Kenin owner/creator of Pure Poison is offering this beautiful pair of Amelia heels, they perfectly match GOSH purple.  Lyndka and I both put them on and said “They don’t fit!” and well duh, they are for mid feet LOL. Thank you Shaleene ever so much for helping and believing in us and this event.

This being our first year, we have made mistakes, recovered from them, and learned so much. We hope to have an annual event for GOSH. We would love to see this become as big as RFL and Wigs for Kids eventually. But, we want to keep it fun, doing what all kids should be doing instead of treatment’s in hospitals.  Great Ormond Street Hospital is the UK’s version of St. Jude’s and Shriner’s hospitals in the USA.

If you have supported us in any way, shape, or form, thank you from the bottom of our heart’s. If you couldn’t make it to the event, bless you for thinking of coming


-AZUL- ~ Anais ~ O.M.GOSH-iganS Exclusive color @ O.M.GOSH-iganS Event

Pure Poison ~ Amelia @ O.M.GOSH-iganS event

Gab’s Creations MPGOSH Website

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ShenaniganS Facebook

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