Hair Fair 2015!

Hair Fair 2015!It’s that time of year. HAIR FAIR!! I have a passion-weakness for hair in SL as I used to be a cosmetologist in RL and WAAaaAAaa 4 whole sims of hair! Hair Fair starts at midnight SLT tonight and you don’t want to miss a thing.   Hair Fair 2015!

A group I’m in got early access and I was ecstatic that I could actually walk! No boxes to sit on and edit your way through! Anyways, I did buy a few hairs like this one from Exile named In the Shadows. It’s a nice high ponytail with a few loose strands sneaking out of the hair band. I’m also wearing 2 gifts from Hair Fair participants. My dress is from Decoy named Cosima and my shades are a gift from LeLutka.

Hair Fair 2015!This cute little updo is by Exile named Walking on Sunshine. I always buy essential pack because I like to mix it up a bit. Hair Fair 2015!

Oh, this is Exile’s gift offering named Jill (guy’s gift is named Jack) and it’s a fatpack!

Hair Fair 2015!

I couldn’t decide which of LeLutka’s offerings I liked best. I finally decided on Dakota. She’s a messy little do, which I love. LeLutka has named their multipack/essential/basic pack “Range 015”.Hair Fair 2015!
This is LeLutka’s Demi, she’s a little messy and I liked her, but there was just something about her I wasn’t too sure of so I didn’t buy her.

Hair Fair 2015!

This is Deanna by LeLutka and I just wasn’t digging her.

Hair Fair 2015!
Tableau ViVant’s Last Train Home is a short do that would show my ears off to perfection when I choose to wear them as elf ears.

Hair Fair 2015!

Here is another by Tableau ViVant aptly named Scarlett. It comes with and without the hat, there is also a ribbon to add for the hat.

Hair Fair 2015!

This style from Tableau Vivant is my fav and will probably go back to buy her (after the rush of course). I love the look of a straight cut likes it has just been trimmed.

These are only the tip of the iceberg of what’s new at Hair Fair. Please, if/when you go, please remove your hair in honor of all the children that due to illness or treatment of an illness doesn’t have hair. And remember, a portion of all the hair sold goes towards Wigs for Kids.


Blonde Sim

1. Decoy

2. Pr!tty

3. Tableau Vivant

4. Sage


6. Argrace

7. RedMint

8. !OhMai

9. Murray

10. Little Bones

11. Damselfly

12. Ison

13. Bandana Booth

14. Curious Kitties

15. Yuko

16. Monso

17. LeLutka

18. K-Code

19. Cheveux

20. Analog Dog


Brunette Sim

1. Wasabi Pills

2. Kokolores

3. KiK

4. Zibska

5. Calico

6. Lamb
7. L+N Signature
8. Quote

9. Hair Studio One
10. Runaway
11. Bandana Booth

12. Beusy
13. LaLa Moon
14. Oblivion
15. Ayashi
16. Besom
17. Bandana Booth

18. Rebel Gal Bold & Beauty


Redhead Sim

1. elua
2. The Stringer Mausoleum
3. Zalea
4. Unorthodox
5. Asset
6. Iconic
7. No Match
8. INK
9. Adoness
10. Bandana Booth

11. Moon
12. Blueberry
13. Fiore
14. Oleander
15. MaiOwn
16. Amacci
17. sYs
18. Due
19. Alli & Ali Designs
20. Elikatira
21. Bade
22. Mina Hair



1. Exxess

2. Pink Hustler

3. Mystic Tiger

4. Phoenix

5. Blues

6. Olive

7. Miss C

8. Alice Project

9. EnVogue

10. Emo-tions

11. Clawtooth

12. Bandana Booth

13. Vanity Hair
14. Bluprintz

15. Uncle Web Studio

16. Mithral Apothecary

17. Tameless

18. Bandana Booth

19. Exile

20. Tabou Irresistible

21. Homage


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