Let’s talk Teepees!

Indie Teepee is something special from the moment you land. Why is it different? well, it’s unlike most other events in that the stars aren’t the stores participating or the designers they’ve managed to secure, while these are here in abundance, what sets it apart is the vision of founder & creative director Scarlet Schadenfreude and her team.

Scarlet has nailed the festival vibe, she takes everything that makes a festival an event in the truest sense of the word, tapping the vein of Woodstock and Glastonbury! for a truly unique and special visit. Small touches, seemingly insignificant make the hugest of impacts when you stop to appreciate the attention to detail the team has lovingly crafted.

Let's talk Teepees!

When you land, on what is from the get go, a beautiful sim; you’re greeted with sculpted words on the landscape indicating the festival HUD, now, do you absolutely need the HUD? well, no, you can navigate easily without it but why would you! go ahead and get your HUD, which is a festival informational flyer/map. Colour coded by area activities and makes a decent job ensuring, if you know where you want to be, you get there swiftly which may well be handy when the event officially opens and gets a huge response, and trust me, it will.   So what’s there? what makes this event so special in the eyes of I’m sure every blogger that took part in the early access the Tee-peoples allowed us. Well, after you get your HUD and stop admiring the huge “Indie Teepee” sculpted text on the hill near stage 1, get your free gift which is a tote bag with one or two of those little touches I mentioned that fully immerse you in the summer spectacular, you’ll get your pass and you’ll get water, cause Scarlet and her team know, the trick to surviving a busy festival is hydration,hydration,hydration! and again, it really is a beautiful touch! Let's talk Teepees!Literary Corner

As you marvel at the sights and come to literary corner should you choose to go left instead of right to stage 1, this is where you realize, it isn’t all shopping and great designers, there’s more to this event. Literary corner gives you information on the upstairs book club, providing details of the current book, when the club meets and even gives you a gift option of three books of the month to get you started! In the same spot we have information on the Lyrical Cafe which is a poetry reading group, spoken word artists attend and make poetry come alive, make this note in your diaries, 15th July, 1pmslt!   Following on from Literary corner, we get a parcel of stores, one of a few between other little exhibits and informational hubs, so if you were excited purely for the shopping aspect, you too have been catered for and will not be disappointed. Aphorism has a great selection of indie themed festival attire, a great looking crop top that wouldn’t be out of place at woodstock itself. Apple fall, Random Matter and Valentina E have a presence to name a few. Due to the early access a lot of designers weren’t set up so I won’t go in to much detail of who will be present in a retail capacity but will provide a link to the event site where you can view all that information and more at the end. All the stores are houses in great little Teepee/Gazebo type installations which is another one of those beautiful touches.

Drive-In Let's talk Teepees!Continuing on once more after your first shopping excursion, we get treated to the perfect drive in movie set up, pick up trucks line the field in a mosaic of metal and rust, all of course to be used to hang out and lay around in the sun. A huge screen stands at the right side which from what I understood from the info hub located as you enter this parcel will be providing “a collection of music videos for the collaborative and solo music projects of M4SK22 Melody and Kanjena Sweetleaf” what I loved about this area is, there isn’t just an abundance of comfortable looking places to hang out with friends,partners, other residents but it came complete with the festival stalwart porta potties discreetly tucked to the left of the screen. Let's talk Teepees!

Bryn Oh Installation

Let's talk Teepees!Walking on through the Stage 2 area, which looks great by the way, complete with lightning bolt dance itan, head bop anyone? don’t mind if I do. We come to a behemoth of a sculpture, seriously, it’s massive. Ali and I were hit with a shocking, blinding, white light, my first impression? Someone needs a new facelight, cause that one’s gone nuclear. Turns out it was meant to happen. Walking passed the sculpture, you’re greeted with the words “Bryn Oh Installation” suddenly the windlight change makes sense.

Let's talk Teepees!

This is a rather long post, so to save your poor eyes, I’ll sum up with this.
There are 3 stages all about to be hosts to some great performers/acts. There are plenty of designers involved, your shopping appetite will be satiated.
There are exhibits for the people who want culture and there is plenty of fun to be found.

You really have to attend this event and your opportunity is between July 10th and July 24th. Whatever it is you like to do with your Second Life, you’ll find it here, music, art & fun stuff! A truly impressive event and a great achievement for the whole team at Indie Teepee.

Go check it out here


3 thoughts on “Let’s talk Teepees!

  1. Thank you so much for the long and lovely post! The team and I worked really hard to make it happen and we are already working on next year’s event. ❤ Scarlet

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