League does it again

League does it againSo, Nena over at League has released the second LeLutka mesh head applier named Luna.     I really loved Milla when Nena released her and Luna is wonderful in her own way. Luna is a more youthful, less pouty look, which I love. I did purchase set one, above, I didn’t see any reason to purchase both sets since let’s face it, we only use 1 or 2 different makeups at best. As you can see the different eyeshadows and lipsticks enables you to mix and match. This skin applier also comes with a HUD for freckles with all the makeups. League does it again

This is set 2 which I didn’t purchase. These seem to be more of an eyeliner than shadows. It also comes with 6 different lip colors.



Nena has made the HUD so simple to use. Just click the full base, then each brow/eyeshadow combination then the lip color. I love that she has the different brow colors in one HUD since I change hair color so much.  You also get a HUD just like this with freckle option.

League does it again

The first pictures were of my LeLutka Stella mesh head. This picture is of my LeLutka Karin mesh head. I wanted to show you Luna on different mesh heads to see how beautiful she is on all LeLutka mesh heads. And you know, if you wear lip color you can’t wear beauty marks, which I have been wearing for years so T made a mesh “Ali’s pretty little mark” for me. He’s so sweet.


LeLutka ~ Mesh Head ~ Stella & Karin

League ~ Mesh Head Applier ~ Luna

IKON ~ Hope Eyes ~ Field

[e] ~ Arabella ~ Redheads

Lazuri ~ Princess of the Forest complete jewelry set

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