TMD Mega post imminent!!

TMD Mega post imminent!!The 5th of every month is a special time in a man’s SL, it brings an event that many a man (or lady who’s forcing her friend/partner to update his system uggo avi) with any interest in looking great has to force his way in to, the crowd it attracts from the second it opens means you literally have to force yourself in. I spent a good 5 minutes yesterday on the adjacent sim running at an invisible barrier to get in. That’s right it’s TMD! I purchased quite a few things yesterday so, let’s get started. I was really excited for this round mostly because I knew after the last round to expect both Addams & Gabriel to be there and both were, but more on that in a bit. In the above picture I only have one purchase from TMD and this, for me, was the biggest surprise of the event. Everything I purchased was an instant “oh my god, I love it”.. except Apple May Designs “Jessies pants” They looked fine, but didn’t make me think I needed to own a pair, however, at 100L I thought why not, no big loss. Turns out, they’re amazing, there is no outfit they don’t make look great, the cargo look is perfect with any sneakers and casual jacket, shirt, topless…the list goes on. Especially, the white denim zip up jacket from Gabriel complete with bag to carry my essential man stuffs, a hammer to fix anything and everything (hit random stuff), jack daniels and duct tape. Yeah, men will understand. The jacket and bag isn’t available at TMD so if you like it, run to Gabriel while there’s a sale! TMD Mega post imminent!!

Next up  – an instant hit with me, when I saw this coat stuffed in the alley region of the event I had to get it, well, two actually. This is from Represent, the Trooper parka. The surprising thing about this parka is the thought gone in to the small details, all controlled by the provided HUD. Represent has three colours available, the one here is “Midnight” and I also have it in white and of course there is an obligatory black version for those of us with an aversion to pretty colours. Now the HUD allows you to change the inner shirt any of three colours, black,grey and white but the great thing is, it also allows you to raise or lower the hood for those rainy sims! after all, you spent a fortune on that hair, who wants it to get wet! We’re in the summer season, I hear you shout. Yes, we are, which is why, Represent also gave us the ability to remove the hood completely, as I have above. (notice the Jessies pants again… so love these!)

TMD Mega post imminent!!

Finally – we arrive at an item provided by my favourite designer in SL, all together now – ADDAMS! Here’s the story, Ali got to these before me, knowing my desire to own another Addams item she had to tell me they were there and what they were selling “Addams has shorts!”…SHORTS!? but I don’t really like shorts. I’m still not a huge fan of shorts but these are actually once again by Amalia Rainwood, very good. Please excuse my legs, apparently I keep missing leg day at the gym, anyway.. Ali seems to have passed on her issue with denim to me, like her I’ve begun to notice a lot of denim from designers, just looks too clean. Denim is rough, dirty looking, if you add holes to jeans hoping to get that “worn in” look, it won’t work if the material looks as shiny as an Apple product just out of the box! The other versions of these shorts available at TMD, fall in to this trap, but at least Addams provided a dirty version and these are the only ones I bought. I also got me two of the Safari shirts pictured from ::K:: at the event, one Olive, cause Ali said so and one blue. ::K:: has kindly provided a hud to change the textures of the inner shirt you can wear along with the Safari shirt which does look great but with legs like mine, I of course, had to show while I miss leg days at the gym, I don’t miss upper body days..

So, go, go now.. TMD awaits here.


Picture 1 – Location ~ *Everwinter*
                  Jacket & Bag ~ Gabriel ~ Denim zip up jacket
Pants ~ Apple May Designs ~ Jessies Pants
Sneakers ~ Milk Motion ~ Tennis Sneakers

Picture 2 – Location ~ *Everwinter*
                  Coat ~ Represent ~ Trooper Parka
Pants ~ Apple May Designs ~ Jessies Pants
Sneakers ~ Milk Motion ~ Tennis Sneakers

Picture 3 – Location ~ Just Another Tequila Sunrise
Shirt ~ ::K:: ~ Safari shirt
Shorts ~ Addams ~ Denim shorts with belt/dirty
Sneakers ~ Milk Motion ~ Tennis Sneakers

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