Belleza Venus, Freya and Isis Review

Sit back folks, it’s going to be a long one.

Belleza Venus, Freya and Isis Review
* This is my personal opinion, experience, views along with what I look for when checking mesh bodies and heads*   I have had the Belleza Venus mesh body since the first of June this year. I don’t wear it much because it needed a lot of work on the alpha cuts among other things. So, we have a long-awaited update to Venus and included in the update is 2 brand spanking new bodies. I could not wait to try them on and see the updates. The Venus body looked better with my Glam Affair skin applier, so let’s take a closer look. You can still see a line where the body meets the neck, but it isn’t too noticeable. One thing I noticed between the bodies is that Venus ispretty straight body with very little hips. Now, I like the curves of a woman, not a child’s. The leg’s seem rather thin compared to the other bodies.Belleza Venus, Freya and Isis Review

Moving on to the hands, there was a noticeable demarcation between both the Belleza hands and the Slink hands. The Belleza hands are connected to the body so you would think there wouldn’t be a line, but as you see, there is. So, I hit the off button on the HUD and added my slinkies, such a disappointment. 😦 the Slinkies are noticeably smaller and a different color than the body.

Belleza Venus, Freya and Isis ReviewThe Belleza feet are also connected to the bodies, and don’t match very well either. And that goes for the slinkie feet, also, the fit of the slinkies has changed. Another thing about the Belleza feet, there is no shoe base in the package, I had to add a shoe base from something else. Belleza Venus, Freya and Isis Review

And this is Isis, she has a nice shape, her hips are a little more prominent, and her legs just slightly heavier. We also have the same problem at the neckline only worse. The neck is thicker than Venus and that sharp turn in is a killer for me.

Belleza Venus, Freya and Isis ReviewThe Isis hands seem to match a little better, but there is still a line. And the slinkies came out worse on Isis, it’s the same sharpness where they meet and a more noticeable line. Belleza Venus, Freya and Isis Review

They say a picture speak a thousand word’s. I think these pictures speaks the message  loud and clear. And I think you are seeing a little strangeness on the Isis toenails. SMH. It just gets worse from here.

Belleza Venus, Freya and Isis ReviewThis is Freya, as you see, she is a heavier body with more hips, saddlebags and thighs. I kinda like her looks she has more of the curves of a woman. But, alas, the neck again. Belleza Venus, Freya and Isis Review

For some reason, the slinkies seems to be about the same size, but the color is off on both the Freya and slinkie hands.

Belleza Venus, Freya and Isis Review

Now you see the really funky thing going on with the toenails. The skin doesn’t match on either the Freya feet or Slinkie feet. And I just can’t get past the toenails.

Belleza Venus, Freya and Isis ReviewThis is the new and improved HUD. They have moved the breast and nipple’s to one tab and Yayyy, they have a button for mesh nipple’s on and off. I never could figure out how to hide them. They also added a color picker to try to match your skin. Alpha is the next tab, here they have added more cuts to the whole body. Another yay, but there still isn’t enough. All new and improved clothing and tattoo tab all it’s own. And a tab all its own for hands and nails.

Ok, so what do I think of these bodies? I think they still need more work. My first bought skin was Belleza and I soo wanted these bodies to be fabulous. The update made the actual body worse IMHO, the HUD is great! I hope they work to fix theses problems and make the next update wonderful.


Belleza ~ Mesh body ~ Venus, Isis, and Freya

Glam Affair ~ Body applier ~ Jamaica

Cae ~ Jewelry ~ Phases

10 thoughts on “Belleza Venus, Freya and Isis Review

  1. Perhaps the reason your feet and hands on the Belleza body are off is because they have just remapped them and you’re using old appliers that fit the old mapping. The new developer kits aren’t out yet so GA wouldn’t have released updates.

    1. I’ll give you that, but that still does not explain why the slink feet and hands don’t fit as they should. And as I said in my article, I really wanted these bodies to work. Belleza was my first non- freebie skin and I’m still loyal to them.

    1. You are very welcome. I try to give the whole picture. But, I encourage everyone to go, get the demo’s, really look at everything and decide for themselves.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to write this article. The last photo of the Freya toes, did the feet come like this out the box with the body?

    1. No, I tried to replicate them inworld again, and I’m sorry to say that was with the GA applier. As Shae Sixpence said the body was remapped and looks like this was the cause of the toenails. And also looks like the remapping threw off the fit of slink hands and feet. So, as of now, you would have to wear only the full body with a Belleza skin. After skinner’s receive and update the applier’s you would still have to wear the full Belleza body. I think this update was rushed out unfortunately.

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