Every user to get free land in Project Sansar, says Danger Linden

Project Sansar is looking better. I hope they will also find a way to offer (attainable to mainstream SL) something like SLgo. I do know there are a lot of people that relied on SLgo either while traveling or because they can’t afford a new computer.

Canary Beck

SL12B, Drax and Saffia talk to Danger and Troy Linden

In today’s ‘Meet the Lindens’ interview with Danger Linden (Sr. Director, Product, Virtual Worlds) and Troy Linden, (Senior Producer), Danger Linden revealed several important features of Linden Lab’s next generation virtual world in development, Project Sansar, including that every user with a basic account will have access to free virtual land.

Free starter land will be available to anyone who wishes to register a basic account with Project Sansar. Details were unclear as to how much virtual land Linden Lab would make freely available to every user, or what its use or restrictions would entail.

Second, Danger Linden also revealed that Linden Lab will offer a master account model for new registrations, where users can sign in to the new platform with their email address (as their username), and manage multiple accounts through one central account. He also confirmed that Linden Lab hoped to allow for the sharing of a wallet (i.e. currency account)…

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