School’s out for summer


I always loved summer vacation growing up, it wasn’t like it is for today’s young people. We got from the first of June til after Labor Day weekend. There was always something to do, like going to the beach with your friends or that someone special.School's out for summer Duet     T is that someone special, so, we went to the beach following vacation tradition. T will be blogging his, umm, outfit? What little there is of it. Our first road trip was to Summerfest which is in full swing June 20th – July 12th, so you have plenty of time to get there. I picked up this cute one piece Caia swimsuit and Sabra kimono cover up by Maitreya (so you know it’s Lara compatible).School's out for summer

We also found some Summer flip flops by Reign. I just had to have the tie dye design. 🙂

School's out for summer  [NorderNey]

As I said, the Caia swimsuit is a one piece, but it’s still hot. The straps are color change and the HUD has 16 different color combinations.

School's out for summer


And Onyx worked her little fingers to the bone making sure it has all the little details of a RL swimsuit, like the stitching and the creases where creases would be in RL.School's out for summerNow, I was going to show you this Mohio necklace set by Empyrean Forge with a gorgeous gown I bought at Shiny Shabby, but sometimes it’s such a drag changing things. Have we not gotten lazy about things in SL?School's out for summer


There is such detail in this set with all the tiny swirls. This set is also color change, it will go from beach to ballroom and back again.School's out for summer

Ok, my last purchase of the day, and you would have seen it on my arm, had it delivered. But since SL decided to use the lag monster to it’s advantage, this picture is all you get. Don’t feel bad, it’s all I get also til Marie, creator of Milk Motion, gets back with me. I really wanted that straw bag too.

So, till next time, Peace out.



Maitreya ~ Caia one piece & Sabra Kimono @ Summerfest

Reign ~ Summer Flip Flops @ Summerfest

Empyrean Forge on MP Only? ~ Mohio set @ Shiny Shabby

Milk Motion ~ Straw bag @ Summerfest

[MANDALA] ~ Steking ears Season 5

Truth ~ Oceana ~ Variety

^^Swallow^^ ~ Friendship necklace

Lelutka ~ Karin mesh head

Maitreya ~ Lara Mesh Body

League ~ Milla ~ Mesh body & mesh head appliers

Slink ~ Mesh hands & feet

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