Who doesn’t love dancing in the rain?

Who doesn't love dancing in the rain?

I don’t know about you, but I love playing and splashing about in a warm spring rain.



As you can tell, Tony does also. As if I wasn’t wet enough HE decides he wants to have a water balloon fight. Of course, HE didn’t let me in on it!

Who doesn't love dancing in the rain?


After he soaked me, I decided what’s the harm in dancing in the rain and enjoying the warm rain and that wonderful fresh scent of those spring rains.

As Tony spoke about in his earlier post that you can read here. I have the female version of Gabriel’s Limited MIZU Wet Shirt only at the MIZU Event. I love it for as Tony say’s RP (rain play). I was also lucky enough to make it into the new round of Collabor88 that started today! *does happy dance* I picked up these wonderful shorts by Addams, yes of Tony fame he loves everything they make, anyways, back to the shorts. These are Addams Epiphany shorts with a belt. These are fabulous, they come with a HUD to change the color of the belt, style of belt bucket, pocket show or not, style of pocket, and style of the roll up. They are a little pricey for Collabor at $388L, but well worth it. (Don’t tell Tony, but I picked up Scarlet Creative’s Ete Cabin which I may blog later)


Top ~ Gabriel ~ Limited MIZU wet shirt @ MIZU Event

Shorts ~ Addams ~ Epiphany shorts @ Collabor88

Hair ~ Argrace ~ Hikari ~ Dark Blondes

Body Waterdrops & Water Balloon Fight ~ Izzie’s 

Necklace ~ Swallow ~ Friendship Necklace

Mesh Head ~ Lelutka ~ Karin

Mesh Body ~ Maitreya ~ Lara

Body & Head Applier’s ~ League ~ Milla

Mesh Hands & Feet ~ Slink

Location ~ The Vineyard at Checkmate

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