Warning, post may disintegrate due to rain..

Playing in the rain!...again.

X The Vineyard at Checkmate X

So, in this world you’re one of three people, sun seeker, snow lover or you have an affinity with the pouring rain.

I’m the latter, rain is the ultimate symbol of cleansing for me, it soothes the soul with it’s rhythmic patter on a pane of glass, even here inworld it’s something I gravitate to on a sim that uses it beautifully, whether it’s to evoke emotion or to create visually stunning sim design which in turn should you be gifted, creates some great pictures.

So imagine hearing Gabriel has created a wet look shirt!
For the ladies of SL, wet look won’t come as a surprise, there are a plethora of “wet hairs” available to use in shots or for realism in sim exploring, but as a guy, this is the first time I’ve been introduced to the possibility of enhancing RP (no, not role play, RAIN PLAY)
Us men don’t have many options in this arena, we have Argrace for the wet hair, and well, that’s the only one worthy of note here. Now though, now, we also have Gabriels shirt to pair with that wet hair and frolic in the rain! This makes me very happy, I’m sure it does many people.
So where is it? It’s located here at the MIZU event

Playing in the rain!...again.

X Pandora Box of Dreams – The River Dream X

Gabriel has stated it’s limited in it’s run but I imagine, should this be as popular as it certainly deserves to be, they’ll continue to make it available to us all.
So what does it contain for your 300L$? obviously the shirt! and well, a hud that allows you to determine the percentage of your saturation, 10%, 20% and 30%. Any more than 30% Gabriel has correctly assumed that means you will unfortunately, drown so they’re staying safe here.
It’s not perfect, of course it isn’t but it is special & a great addition to any inventory, I’d love to see more colors, hell, I’d love to see different style of shirt too but maybe that’s just me being a rain whore, who knows!

Kudos Gabriel, I believe you’re on to a winner here and rightly so!


Hair ~ Argrace ~ Arata
Shirt ~ Gabriel ~ Limited Mizu wet shirt @ MIZU Event
Jeans ~ Redgrave ~ Mesh Tube Jeans
Boots ~ Lavarock creations ~ OI male boots

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