I don’t like anything!… aw,crap.

I don't like anything!... aw,crap.



The above title pretty much sums up my visit to this round of TMD (The Mens Dept).


Allow me to paint a picture, TMD’s just opened, my ever considerate partner in life and crime sends me a link to view which designers are featured this round. My brain knows Addams and Gabriel are taking my lindens, why even look?. Alas, I do look at this evil link, no Addams!? no Gabriel!?!.. what fresh hell is this!! I continue my perusing before declaring, “I don’t like anything!” defiantly, still, we both know we’re going, just to be sure. We arrive.. So far I’m still not over the vacant slots left by both Addams and Gabriel. Then it happens, Ali spots Redgraves Turner outfit, we both like the shirt; the jeans however, meh. Remaining unconvinced, I just opt for a demo, taking it home, carefully unwrapping, I start adding pieces. Yes, I like the shirt, I will keep this shirt and it shall be mine. I’m not even considering trying the jeans, Ali makes me and well, she must be obeyed, as with all you lovely ladies! I add the jeans..”Aw, Crap”.


So as you see in the pics, I got the full Turner outfit. Paired with a good FLF (Fifty linden friday) find in the form of the C’est la vie Effy sandals for SLink flats. So, thank you Redgrave for rescuing my TMD visit! I owe you the courtesy of at least trying before I announce not liking an item!!

I don't like anything!... aw,crap.


Hair ~ Argrace ~ Peyton
Glasses ~ KGS ~ Saria
Necklace ~ Swallow ~ Friendship necklace
Shirt & Jeans ~ Redgrave ~ Turner outfit (available separately) @ TMD
Sandals ~ C’est La Vie ~ Effy Male SLink flat feet

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